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Five Minute Fridays – Visit

Five Minute Fridays – Visit


How apropos – the word, is “visit”. I am back in Canada from my winter snowbirding in Arizona to visit my daughter and family. It is an unexpected visit – but with God we never know where He will take us. My grandson had pneumonia so I came home to help with his care as he can’t go to daycare. The pneumonia has cleared (praise the Lord) but he still has a stubborn ear infection (this is his third set of antibiotics).

What has this visit taught me?

        • God gives me energy when I need it
        • He keeps me calm and focused
        • I love being with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson
        • My husband supports me in wherever God calls me
        • I can become a Canadian again and embrace the winter – played outside with my grandson for a few minutes in the snow and cold (most of the time took putting on the winter clothes) and we made snow angels
        • playing with a new train is fun for all
        • God led me to meet a wonderful woman this morning and share my testimony

If we let God be God and follow where He leads life is beautiful, and satisfying.

Times up… 5 minutes.

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