Five Minute Fridays – Visit

Five Minute Fridays – Visit


How apropos – the word, is “visit”. I am back in Canada from my winter snowbirding in Arizona to visit my daughter and family. It is an unexpected visit – but with God we never know where He will take us. My grandson had pneumonia so I came home to help with his care as he can’t go to daycare. The pneumonia has cleared (praise the Lord) but he still has a stubborn ear infection (this is his third set of antibiotics).

What has this visit taught me?

        • God gives me energy when I need it
        • He keeps me calm and focused
        • I love being with my daughter, son-in-law and grandson
        • My husband supports me in wherever God calls me
        • I can become a Canadian again and embrace the winter – played outside with my grandson for a few minutes in the snow and cold (most of the time took putting on the winter clothes) and we made snow angels
        • playing with a new train is fun for all
        • God led me to meet a wonderful woman this morning and share my testimony

If we let God be God and follow where He leads life is beautiful, and satisfying.

Times up… 5 minutes.

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    1. Hi Laura,
      I tried to email you directly but you didn’t leave your email. We are in Barrie right now. Yes this is the winteriest I can remember.
      Yes I think I like Arizona.

  1. Hi Janis! I am coming over from Recommendation Saturday.

    I can just see you out there making snow angels. What a fun Grandmother you are! And a ready help when you are needed too. I just spent time with my grandchildren and it is tiring! But as you said, he gives us the energy when we need it.

    Hope your little one gets better soon 🙂

  2. Janis, it is so easy to forget how much we gain from serving others, particularly our own families. Thank you for this much needed reminder this morning. I visited from Recommendation Saturday today 🙂 Blessings of you & your family!

  3. It is wonderful to be a grandma and to be needed…..our son just went to Boot Camp and we keep the baby for his wife when she works…..I also keep my mom who is 91 with dementia,,,,,you are so right…God gives us the energy when we need it!

  4. I was sorry to hear that your grandson was ill. The ability to fly home when you are needed. What a wonderful blessing. God is good and gives us hope in every situation. It is comforting as a parent to know that our parents are able to help when we need them. Travel mercies Janis.

    Missing you here in our beautiful Highlands.

    Have a great week-end


  5. Such a simple, refreshing and beautiful post about life and the Lord. It is so good to reconnect with you, Janis! Blessings…Love, Rachael

  6. It is so true! Life can be beautiful at all times, even the hard times, when God is working with us! God makes all things bearable, even beautiful. Thanks for posting to FMF!

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