Are You Afraid of the Night?

Are You Afraid of the Night?

by Susan Harris


Which are you? Some people are early risers and are most productive in the morning while others, like me, are night owls and our energy comes out best during the dark hours. At night stores close their doors and staff head home. Homemakers defer work to the next day, and traffic gets slower as the rush hour fades into night.

For those on the graveyard shift, it can be a long and tedious task. Machines work tirelessly, oblivious to the fatigue of their human company. Elsewhere people watch television, some read, others cry, and yet others die during the night. To the person who is ill, the night could be a long and loathsome period. For another group the night is the time they have been awaiting: the thief anticipates the cover of darkness to assist his schemes. Witches practice evil works, and necromancers visit the graveyards to engage the dead in their ploys.

Symbolically the night is a time of heaviness, a time of battle and discomfort, of terror and fears. (tweet this)

Sounds are magnified. Shadows look monstrous. Adrenalin pumps. Bad news can come any time during the twenty fours, but when the phone rings during the darkness, there is a premonition of the worst.

Friend, you do not have to fear the Night.

Luke chapter 2 accounts that one Night, shepherds were tending their sheep when the angel of the Lord appeared and told them to ‘Fear not,’ because Jesus was born. He would bear their sins. He would be their friend. He would be a miracle worker. And because of Him they would become citizens of Heaven.

News unparalleled shook the world in the year 4 B.C. Newsrooms could not have wanted a more coveted theme, and telecommunications could not have flashed a more arresting headline.

That Night was the divine shaping of history,
God was fulfilling prophesy, and the old was being separated from the new. (click to tweet)

Dear Friend, someone capable and efficient watches over your family in the Night. When you take the subway or other public transit, the Night guard Jesus goes ahead like a fire, and He burns up the enemies (Psalm 97:3.)

The Lord watched over Peter and delivered him in the Night (Acts 12). While the guards dozed, Jehovah was at work. He sent His angel to release Peter. Imagine guards trained to be alert, sleeping through chains clanging to the ground! Peter walked out free and two soldiers were jobless the next day.

Friend, when Jesus works for you in the Night time, He deadens the senses of the enemy who cannot be roused until He is finished. Are there problems in your home, job, or church?

Father God can put the enemy to sleep and break the chains so that freedom can flow. (tweet this)

That’s how He works the Night shift for you. He wants to bring peace and reconciliation, compromise, and solutions.

So sleep in peace and rest, for Jesus is keeping the Night watch.

(Excerpt from Golden Apples in Silver Settings, Ch 17 – The Night Watch.)

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Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan is a speaker, wife, mother, and former teacher. Prayer is her passion, and except for salvation, it is the subject on which she has spoken most frequently over 20 years of Christian ministry. She is also the author of three books – Little Copper Pennies for Kids, Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the Life of the Canadian one cent piece (for adults) and Golden Apples in Silver Settings. She loves kittens, pennies, and making new friends. Find her at, on Facebook at SusanHarrisCanadianAuthor, and on Twitter @SusanHarris20.



  1. Susan, this is so beautiful. It gives such hope and I love how you compared Jesus to the Night worker. To know He is our Night Guard, going ahead of us like fire. Such creative pictures woven in your words! And I liked the part that said, “He deadens the senses of the enemy who cannot be roused until He is finished…”

    And Janis~~you’re illustration is gorgeous. So peaceful

    Thank you, both.


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