#UTCOP – What is a Faith Prayer?

What is a Faith Prayer? by Susan Harris Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus. My heart sings because I know You are moving on my behalf even though I may not see which direction You are going. Help me to forge ahead in faith with my Sword lifted to sever doubt and… Continue reading #UTCOP – What is a Faith Prayer?

Have You Prayed Scripture?

Have You Prayed Scripture? by Susan Harris One of the prize books I received for topping my class in elementary school was a book called “My First Book of Prayer”. Filled with colourful pictures, it was my first tangible expression of prayer as a child. Later, I was launched into prayer during my early years… Continue reading Have You Prayed Scripture?

What is the Date for Answered Prayer?

What is the Date for Answered Prayer? by Susan Harris. Read an excerpt from Susan’s book, Golden Apples in Silver Settings. The chapter is called “Fresh Resolve to Pray” “Each prayer you’ve prayed is like a gift waiting to be opened, and it has a date on it.”