Looking for a Breakthrough?

Looking for a Breakthrough?

by Susan Harris


A clip from the Science Journal on December 20, 2002 read:

A molecule called RNA has long been regarded as a big player in the drama of the cell, acting only as a helper for the more dominant DNA. But new studies show RNA actually controls key actions by turning genes on and off, directing embryo development and, perhaps, playing a role in cancer. This new understanding has been named the No. 1 breakthrough of the year by the Science Journal.

A breakthrough in technology in 2002 was the cyber knife. The caption was, “Georgetown University unveiled the Cyberknife this week at Georgetown University Hospital. The latest breakthrough in cancer treatment is surgery with no scalpel, no blood, and little or no post-operative pain…”

A headline in sports read “Latest breakthrough in Olympic Sports Pioneering Spirit.  Arab women make breakthrough at Games: — After Fatima Gerashi, their very presence represented a huge breakthrough for Arab women, whose freedoms have traditionally been severely curtailed…”

In the Bible there are breakthroughs that are more miraculous, greater, and more complete than the ones quoted above.

Mark chapter 5 highlights a breakthrough for a woman who had a bleeding condition. She had been to many doctors, had exhausted her options, and was desperate for a cure. The Scripture tells that while Jesus was on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter, the woman saw Him and resolved to get healed.

Jesus always drew crowds, and on this day, the crowds were thick. It was a negative strike against the weak, sick woman, because it made it near impossible to get Jesus’ attention face to face. Made even worse because she had probably heard that He was on other business, going to heal a little girl. But she was a trooper, and activated Plan B.

“All I need to do is touch his clothes…” Stretching out her skinny arms, and still being pushed, she managed to touch Jesus’ robe. At the same time, Jesus felt some power go out from Him, and in that moment, the woman was healed. Never to hemorrhage again. That’s a breakthrough…

It’s never too late for a breakthrough.

Friends, you must not give up on your situation. Set Plan B in motion, get passionate about the victory and go after the breakthrough you desire. No cause is too lost to pursue a breakthrough. Moses went before Pharaoh seven times before the breakthrough came for Israel’s freedom. Elijah would tell you that he prayed seven times before it rained. Don’t give up after a few times, Friend,  press in for the gain.

Remember too that Lazarus was dead for three days; he stank according to his sister’s description, yet he was raised back to life. No situation is too dead for Jesus because He Himself came back to life after being buried for three days. And He wants to break through for you. Will you let Him?

(An excerpt from Golden Apples in Silver Settings, Ch 3, Breakthrough, by Susan Harris)


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Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan is a speaker, wife, mother, and former teacher. Prayer is her passion, and except for salvation, it is the subject on which she has spoken most frequently over 20 years of Christian ministry. She is also the author of three books – Little Copper Pennies for Kids, Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the Life of the Canadian one cent piece (for adults) and Golden Apples in Silver Settings. She loves kittens, pennies, and making new friends. Find her at www.susanharris.ca, on Facebook at SusanHarrisCanadianAuthor, and on Twitter @SusanHarris20.


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