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Watchful Wednesdays – #WhatDoesLoveRequireofme?

Watchful Wednesdays – #WhatDoesLoveRequireofme?


Read 1 Corinthians 13

That’s a lot of reading. But it also tells us how to love.

Are you stuck in the law or living the gospel of grace?  (tweetable)

How often do we judge or criticize others? Last week I attended a writers conference. A speaker talked to us for a few moments – then stopped and said something like: “Okay I know some of you were asking yourselves why I chose a deep blue today, and whether I wore earrings, and I wonder how she can speak about this topic?” Then she answered those questions and said: “Okay, now that we have those judgments out of the way, let’s get on with learning about our topic”.

It is so true that we look, we criticize, we judge. Then we tell ourselves – Stop that. We know we shouldn’t be doing this. We do it silently in our heads. But you know what – God knows our hearts and minds. We can’t hide from him. I need to confess, do you?

We do have to stick to the Word of God. We do have to keep with what He tells us. But He also tells us to love others. So we reach out – without judgment, and love.

Jesus did not let any institution interfere with his love for individuals
~ Philip Yancey (tweetable).

Are your words building up or tearing down? Great song by Hawk Nelson – Words. You can find it down below.

In each of the following areas where do you need to extend grace?

        • family
        • friends
        • co-workers
        • neighbours
        • government leaders

Remember we are called to pray for all people – including government leaders. And we are called to love them too.

This week our church started a series called #whatdoesloverequireofme based on Micah 6:8.


Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord. Let us see people as You see them. Keep our hearts pure and loving.