#UTCOP – How to Exercise your spirit with Prayer

How to Exercise your spirit with Prayer

by Kimberley Payne


What is Prayer


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6, NIV).

Prayer builds your spiritual strength. It can include praise, confession, thanksgiving or appeal. Prayer puts you in contact with God, Who has more power than you could ever imagine. When you pray, He hears you and fills you with the power to do things you never thought you could do.

What cardiovascular exercise and strength training do for building a strong body, prayer does to build spiritual strength. Your body requires exercise and food, and it needs these things regularly. You cannot just take care of it at the beginning of the week and forget about it. Your spiritual life is similar to your physical body in that way.

You cannot pray just once and a have healthy growing spiritual life.

What prayer is not


Prayer is not just for highly-spiritual people. God delights to have you come to Him with your requests. You do not have to be “good enough” to pray.

Like exercise, prayer is not a one-time thing. You can pray every day, anywhere and any time. It is important to spend time in private prayer each day – just you and God.

Prayer is not talking to others, reading or studying. It is not “doing” something. You need to let everything inside you get still. You may feel compelled to cram every moment with activities and external stimuli.

Still your mind and listen for God’s voice to emerge. (based on Psalm 46:10).

Prayer is not just about you talking to God, but God talking to you.

With prayer you can have a private audience with the Lord. An intimate dialogue goes on inside where there may not be an audible voice, but Spirit to spirit.

Benefits of prayer


Allows intimate dialogue with God.

Encourages you to face a new day.

Provides information and strategies.

Accomplishes the impossible.

Develops deeper relationship.

A pure motive delights God.

Prayer, when combined with quiet time, can decrease respiratory rate, heart rate, elevated blood pressure and muscle tension. During prayer, the body escapes from the stresses of everyday life and enters into a relaxed state.

This is an excerpt taken from Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual & physical health


Dear Lord, thank You that we can come to You as we are. You love us and want to hear from us. You are a good and gracious Father.


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Kimberley Payne

Kimberley is a motivational speaker and author. Her writings relate raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God. Through her work, Kimberley hopes to inspire people to live lives that glorify God. You can visit her website at www.kimberleypayne.com



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