Weird, because my Normal wasn’t working

Is your “normal” working for you? I am searching for a better way – God’s way.

Before I turned to Jesus whole-heartedly I was very much a Martha, a control-driven, have-to-keep-busy person. I am still a Martha, but I have found my Mary, too.

When I was given an assignment to “sit still for five minutes and listen to God” – I failed, miserably. My mind could not slow down. I kept thinking, “I have to do… such and such.” and my mind kept going.

Then the dog barked. That was the end of my first attempt.

What did I do? I tried again the next morning, and the morning after that. Finally I decided that I needed absolute stillness – not a sound, not a chance of interruption. I needed to wake up earlier.

My mentor in Christ suggested that I ask God to wake me up. And I did – and He did. I will tell you that story in another post. I did as Jesus did.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place where he prayed” (Mark 1:35 NIVUK).

Now I didn’t leave my house as Jesus did, but I did find a solitary spot and in my quiet place I sat and waited. I tried that day after day – making myself sit for five minutes.

One day it happened – as I sat still I felt a peace, God’s hands on my shoulders. My shoulders relaxed – this was heaven. He was there!

When did you last “shut down” to the world and experience God?

Come on this journey as we try to find Him in the stillness. You will like it and God will like it too.

The idea for the title of this post came from a new book by Craig Groeschel called Weird, when your Normal isn’t Working. I found out yesterday I won one of 100 books that were given away on Michael Hyatt’s blog. I can’t wait to read his book and will tell you everything I find out.

Here is another site with a post on the same theme, called Vacate.



  1. Jan, I really love anything that allows for a little more ‘Mary’ in our lives. Your ‘normal not working’ was a great way to take a few steps in the other direction.

    Funny, I’m finding the opposite is true for me over the years. I’ve always tended to be the most un-organized person the world has ever had to put up with. But gruelling seasons of coming to grips with the fact that it takes more than just dreaming to get things accomplished is finally effecting positive changes away from my ‘normal not working.’

    Wish I’d entered that contest!

    1. Yes, in retirement I have come to realize it is more realignment and a need to follow God. I find prayer a great way to get organized. Check out Michael Hyatt’s blog – he gives a free Excel spreadsheet to help “keep us organized” including a time for prayer. Blessings and thanks for writing. Jan

  2. Oh Mary,
    I knew we had a kinship – a special bond. I pray that you find that special time this morning. It makes ALL the difference to my day. This way I start on His footing and not mine.

  3. I absolutely love this post. I’m still smiling, because it reminded me of me! Getting up early is the best way to have that special time with God, long before the phone starts ringing and all the , “I have to do things” come to mind. I’ve been distracted the last few days and haven’t been as diligent. Thank you for the prod!

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