When Do We Need Prayer?

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When Do We Need Prayer

When Do We Need Prayer?

I believe we need to be in prayer all the time. If we are in constant communication with the Father – then our lives can be joyful even in hard times.

How do we do that?

This week we have been travelling – and even though I thought I had made a post for Friday before we left – I can’t find it. So I have to assume that I didn’t do it.

Did I panic? No – I prayed instead for inspiration. God says well – what should you do? I said: “talk to you, right”.

This week I saw a miracle too. My father-in-law was very sick on Friday night (the day before our big family Christmas get-together). Both my husband and I did not sleep that night. I prayed most of the time. Around 4am – ( I found this out later) my father-in-law’s condition changed. A miracle. Then we had our family time and my husband and son drove 3 hours today to see my husband’s Dad. We never panicked; we did not fear. We knew God would work things out. He did – somehow. And we didn’t seem tired. The Lord can give us strength if we lean on Him.

Constant Communication

It’s like a cell phone; Facebook; Twitter but more immediate. God can sense our needs before we need them. Then He watches to see if we connect with Him.

Heading toward Christmas – sorry for the late posting.

May all of my readers be blessed with His Presence this Christmas. May you be filled with JOY in knowing that He really is here.


Father I pray that many more will know you this Christmas. I pray that as You reach down, we reach up and grasp hold of the One who created us and also saved us. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.




  1. Dear Janis
    This is so true … that constant communion with our Pappa; even if it is just that still, comfortable, quiet being together! Thank you for all your good wishes and I am so thankful that your father is well.
    Much love XX

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