Your Unique and One-of-a-kind Prayer Life

by Judith Lawrence

Each one of us has a unique prayer life that has a direct line to God’s heart. Each one of us has a different door into God’s divinity; each one of us stands on our individual threshold where we join with God in our God-given way and direction.

As we grow in spiritual maturity, we learn to trust the uniqueness of our own soul; we see the beauty that God has bestowed upon our soul; we hear the voice and melody in our soul, combining it with the rhythm of our heart, and the depth of our prayer beat.

To join in saying the prayers of the church is good, especially when we are in a church service—that brings unity and community. It is equally good to pray the deep individual prayer of our soul and heart that reaches into the divine heart of the Creator. This prayer sometimes is beyond words; it is total essence of divine love; it is a yearning, longing, and deep desire to be one with God; to be fully ourselves and fully divine; to be holy because God is holy; to feel the sacredness of our created being, of our soul’s centre, and of our heart’s beat.

We are poised on the glorious unique threshold of the open door between God and our being; between the Creator and the created. You are totally unique; I am totally unique. God made each one of us in his holiness, from his sacredness, in his joyous creativity and, as such, we each pray to him in a completely one-of-a-kind way, and long to be at one with him and grow in his spirit of holiness.