Blog Hop – My Current Work in Progress

Blog Hop – My Current Work in Progress

Oh did I laugh when I read the last title of this blog hop. What is my current work? As usual I have all these ideas and no time to focus.

Here are a couple of paintings from my new children’s book.

boy-doll-Yoj-web Yoj-house


But my current work is to focus on what God wants me to do. For that reason I will be taking a month’s sabbatical starting on April 10th. Except for Sunday Stillness which I will continue to put up.

I have come to the conclusion that if I want to get any other writing done besides blogging, I need to spend time with God – serious time. At the moment I write:

Under the Cover of Prayer – this is my first love and I am struggling with leaving it for a month but know I must do so.

Family and Faith Matters – I write twice a month and think I can have those finished before I go on sabbatical.

Inscribe Online – I write once a month and think I can write that before I leave.

and my own blog – He Cares for You – Other than Sunday Stillness – it will be quiet around here.

As for ideas I have two children’s books written. I am working on the illustrations.

I have two devotionals in the works – Living Life – One Word at a Time and a book about prayer.

And we are moving back to our residence in Canada. That is always an adjustment.

So time away will be good for me. I would ask for prayer for discernment of where to put my focus.

Stay tuned and I will tell you what God tells me.

And don’t forget to take a look at my published work – Tadeo Turtle – a story for children ages 2-7. Tadeo won the best children’s book for 2013 by The Word Awards.

Tadeo Turtle isn’t happy with his cumbersome shell. He wants to be free to run and play like Sammy Squirrel. In a dream his shell falls off near a stream. He runs, plays and has fun. All of a sudden CAT appears. Tadeo can’t outrun the CAT. He hides and longs for home. He finds his shell just in time and is safe. After he awakes from his dream, he realizes that God made all the creatures with special attributes and that he is special just the way he has been made.

You can order directly from me for a signed copy and a special batik watercolour card as a gift.

Or go to Tadeo Turtle to Buy for other options.

Tadeo Turtle - Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox
Tadeo Turtle – Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox


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  1. Jan, as someone who lives fairly close to you, I feel compelled to warn you not to rush back here too quickly. At least not before this Sunday when it’s actually (and finally) supposed to feel like spring (as long as you keep your eyes closed so you don’t see all the snow). May God bless your “time apart” – what a precious and valuable time of seeking God’s direction for your life and work that will be. You have motivated me to consider doing the same…

  2. All the best as you take your sabbatical, Jan. And Canada welcomes you back with open arms . . . if I can be so bold as to speak for the entire country. Blessings, dear lady. Looking forward to seeing how God directs you.

  3. Taking time for prayer and meditation always refreshes my soul and it will yours as well. I get so immersed in writing sometimes I lose focus on the outside world God created. To quote Mac Davis’ song…..stop and smell the roses! I love the illustrations!!!!

  4. All the best as you take your month sabbatical. Time spent in prayer will be invaluable. I have simplified my online life considerably in the last year, dropping out of posting on some group blogs and cutting back on my own. I think it’s important to know what you should be doing and give yourself to that as you let things that turn out to be distractions fall by the wayside.

  5. Janis, It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you on UTCOP. Blessings to you. I know God will guide you on the next project! And I love your paintings. I’ve been meaning to get your book for my nieces. I’ll order it now. 😉

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