Can God be My Friend?

by Ron Hughes


I’m always nervous when I talk about my friendship with God because it seems so presumptuous.  Talking about God as my King, Master, Teacher, Judge, Creator, or Father is easy because those relationships are clearly defined and nicely hierarchical—the way a relationship with God should be. Somehow to call God my “friend,” even though I’ve known him for more than 50 years, may strike some as taking liberties.

Yet, I have to say that God is the truest and best friend I’ve ever had. It’s not that my human friends have been a bunch of flaky people who continually betray and disappoint me.

But compared to God – as a friend -,
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Of course, I realize that part of God’s provision for me has been the human friends He has brought into my life.

In various stages in life they have offered me encouragement when I desperately needed it. I credit some good friends with saving my life because they pulled me back from the brink of doing exceedingly stupid things. But God, my great Friend, sent them along as “friends with skin on” so that they could speak to my heart in a way I couldn’t hear any other way.

I have experienced some alienation in my life and I thank God that He’s been there in those times, because having that relationship has kept me from doing hurtful things in response to being hurt. Sometimes when I’ve been let down, I have longed for the sweet taste of revenge—to settle the score and make things right, by my standards.

Knowing God accepts me even though I’m a broken human being, allows me to accept that those who hurt me are made in the image of God.
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That fact alone makes them deserving of the same acceptance and love that God offers me, though I don’t deserve it.

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Ron Hughes

Ron is president of FBH International , a multi-language media ministry and maintains an active itinerant speaking ministry in churches and conferences.  Ron is a professional member of The Word Guild and has one published book, “Refresh: 19 ways to boost your spiritual life”, and is working on several other writing projects. Much of his writing is published on the ministry website and has been used in radio broadcasts.

Ron has been married to Debbie since 1976.  They have four children, one of whom is married.  They live on a 100 acre farm in the Niagara region which they share with a few horses, chickens, cats and a dog.


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  1. James 2:23
    And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God. If Abraham then perhaps even us?

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