Can I Dare You?

Gratitude Journal 2011 – 2012

For the past two years I have counted the gifts of God in my Gratitude Journal. This year I have decided to join the Joy Dare of Ann Voskamp’s. It is a little different. She gives 3 specific things to look for each day. I found this much harder and more focused. But I am beginning to enjoy it. It is like a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. And sometimes I feel giddy when I see the gift. Take a look and you will see a difference this week.

If we count 3 things a day for 365 days – we hit over 1000. That’s my aim. I already started into over 2000 last week but I am starting anew – in a new book. Maybe I will eventually paint something on it. But I have to get organized and find the time.

Here I go:

January 1:

 3 Gifts heard

The phone: ringing at 8:45 am, a friend inviting fellowship in the afternoon. And 5 minutes later my youngest calling to tell me our grandbaby is crawling.

Quiet: as I took time to read and rest trying to fight a cold

Grace: As I said grace tonight at dinner I said thank you to God for a glorious day.

January 2:

A Gift Outside, Inside, On a Plate

Outside: We walked around the lake – beautiful, cool but sunny

Walking around the lake

Inside: Quiet so I could write. My hubby went to the woodshop.

On a plate: A delicious lunch of left-overs – chicken with vegetables

January 3:

Three Graces Overheard

1. Singing Happy Birthday on the phone to our daughter – we are so melodic

2. Acceptance of my followers that I missed a post on Under the Cover of Prayer, @UTCOP (Twitter) and on Facebook at

3. Grace for supper – I heard myself and really listened to the words I said.

January 4:

A Gift  old, new, and blue

Old: Granddaughter’s Christmas present from last year. At school they have a little shopping mall where they can pick out gifts for family. She goes with her money and buys amazing gifts. She is 5.

New: Two Granddaughters’ Christmas presents this year.

Her own Tadeo story.
Her own Tadeo story.

Blue: Epsom Salts for my bath – I am still fighting this bug.

January 5:

Something you’re reading, making, seeing

Reading: Divergent – I really liked this book. I found myself thinking of the types of people that we are and how we need to accept everyone even if they are different from us. A very strange but interesting story. I am now going to read the sequel.

Making: A mess – Because of all the things I am involved in, my desk is a mess once again. I keep saying I will clean it but get into something else.

Seeing: Snowball – She had a grooming the other day. She sat up so cute for the picture.

January 6:

One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart

Bag: My tap shoes. I love to tap dance and missed it  once this week as I was sick.

My Fridge: A roast of beef for tonight’s dinner. Delicious (we don’t eat beef often).

My Heart: My youngest granddaughter (5) scored 2 goals today playing hockey on the full ice rink. Yahoo!!

Now wouldn’t you like to join me. Just pop a few things of gratitude in the comments with a link to your blog. Or think of other things to be grateful for. Let’s start a revolution of gratefulness.

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  1. I love the list! It’s fun to have something more focused isn’t it? Otherwise I seem like I am thankful for the same things over and over. I’m starting this year fresh as well. Stopping by from Ann’s. 🙂

    1. I hope to be able to making Linkys some day and then we can have links for God’s Word as it is spoken to us each Wednesday. What do you think?
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I’m glad you linked up to Playdates with God too, Janis. Ann’s gratitude community has changed so many lives, hasn’t it? Such a wonderful thing. Many blessings to you!

    1. Laura,
      That is the second time you have landed in the spam pail. Yikes.
      Thanks so much – we are all in this together and the more we join together (that’s a song) the happier we’ll be. Filled with joy to connect with you and all the others who look for joy, gifts, grace in each minute of every day.

  3. Have fun with the “Joy Dare” this year! Looks like you are off to a good start! I’m continuing with a gratitude list this year, too, though taking a break from actually counting them. So important to continually thank God for His gifts, big and small. (And thanks for your comment on my blog post “Blogging in 2013” – and I am honored to have you repost some of my posts on prayer!)

    1. I was just counting the gifts – but this sounded a little more pointed – made me look for shadows and light today. Fun. Even my husband joined me. Yes always looking, thanking and being extremely grateful. If you have any other posts on prayer send them my way at

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