Can I Joy Dare You? Week 27 and 28

Can I Joy Dare You? Week 27 and 28


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

I had a wonderful Sabbath rest this past week. Energy abounded during my VBS – thank You, Lord.

So here goes for the past 2 weeks – gifts of:

July 3 ~ faith, family, freedom

  • faith: great opportunity to pray and worship while driving to a meeting
  • family: knowledge that God watches over our families
  • freedom: knowing Christ and God’s has a great plan

July 4 ~ red, white, blue

week-27,-28-Canada-Day-flag week-27,-28-Canada-Day

  • red: I wore red on Canada Day on July 1
  • white: I wore a white sweater on Canada Dayy
  • blue: a clear blue sky

July 5 ~  persistence

  • to finish what needed to be done even when tired
  • to get up early every morning to have time with God
  • to not get stressed but see each moment as an opportunity

July 6 ~ enthusiasm

  • watching my grandson learn to walk
  • my son-in-law getting a new fishing boat
  • excitement in the water, watching grandson and Snowball swimming, grandchildren swimming from boat to the beach


July 7 ~ challenge, conflict, change

  • challenge: to figure out how to get more planned and organized
  • conflict: decisions over choices and time
  • changes: take a blog holiday

July 8 ~ water

  • cleaning everything
  • playing in a water pool


  • playing in the lake, running through the sprinkler

July 9 ~ rhythm, rhyme, reason

  • thinking of daily rhythms; sleep, wake, eat, work, and play
  • I love making rhyme – see Tadeo Turtle 🙂
  • knowing the reason for living

July 10 ~ weakness

  • I know that in my weakness He is strong – every day I am relying on Jesus
  • there is weakness when we “water down” our faith – we must rely on the Holy Spirit, and the Bible to guide us in the truth – please God NOT man
  • our weakness shows God’s strength and His miracles

July 11 ~ jars

  • jars filled with yummy foods – olives, pickles and jam
  • jars made of clay

2 Corinthians 4;7 POTS

Vessel - Proverbs 25:4

July 12 ~ life, growth, decline

  • life: watching my kids become adults and have children of their own
  • growth: the change in my grandson in 1 year
  • decline: never think of growing older only better

July 13 ~ curled

  • a sweet babe curled in his mom’s arms
  • how awesome our hands are that they can curl, grasp and type
  • how flowers curl their petals at night

July 14 ~ yellow

  • sun shining on the leaves makes a lovely green-yellow
  • flowers in the garden and on the road



  • yellow flowers on lily pads

July 15 ~ stone

  • our house is built on rock
  • a deer standing on front yard in front of stone


  • it is amazing how craftsmen can turn stone into beauty

July 16 ~ hanging down

  • a raspberry hanging down

raspberry time

  • laundry hanging down
  • towels hanging down

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