Can I Joy Dare You? Week 18



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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

April 29 ~ 3 gifts dirt

  • wiping dirt from Snowball’s feet (muddy outside)
  • the water drying up the mud (dirt) on our flooded lands in the county
  • our roads being cleaned of the winter’s dirt by the rains

April 30 ~ a gift given, a gift made, a gift sacrificed

  • a gift given: I bought a lovely little violet to give my daughter
  • a gift made: I made a blog post called Wednesday’s Word – ROCK
  • a gift sacrificed: my time to get things in order for the community association where I live (I am the secretary)

May 1 ~ 3 gifts tasted

  • my daughter had to fast for over 1 day so I asked her what she wanted to taste first – and she said a sub; then she changed her mind and we bought sushi
  • watching my grandson eat his breakfast and taste every food – bananas, cereal, peanut butter
  • having a pretend picnic on the front lawn and my grandson and I tasted each plastic food; then I picked a little flowering weed and he wanted to taste that too

May 2 ~ 3 gifts flat

  • my daughter and I played a great game called Carcassonne – They have expanded their game so they can play with many people but it also works with 2.


  • the ride back to the Highlands through very flat lands; I could see the changes in the flora as I drove across – the trees became taller, the ground started to have outcroppings of rocks; but these are pictures of the flat lands




May 3 ~ 3 gifts found in difficult people

I found this one difficult because I don’t meet too many difficult people

  • our air conditioning is broken on my new/used automobile (first time using the air); the used car dealership don’t think they will cover the repair; but they are going to try and see how bad it is and see if they can fix it
  • I remember always to look into the eyes of every one I meet and then I see Jesus
  • if I do have trouble with someone I have to ask, – is it them or me?

May 4 ~ 3 gifts before 9 am

  • a glorious cloudless day
  • my quiet time to sit, pray, think and listen
  • my body is still and I sense all the parts working – thank You, Lord

May 5 ~ a gift in a sign, a gift in a smile, a gifts in a snack

  • a gift in a sign: at a children’s art turtle show I saw a sign that said “save the turtles”. I think I will become involved in helping this group
  • a gift in a smile: my newest grandson’s first smile at me
  • a gift in a snack: munching carrots with my grandchildren



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