Can I Joy Dare You? Week 22


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

I have opened a LINKY for one month. If you count the gifts of God I would welcome you to link to this post. I would love to visit each one of your blogs.

May 27 ~ 3 gifts found in church

      • friends who know me well
      • music with words that help me worship and stir my soul
      • teaching from the Word

May 28 ~ 3 gifts in today’s work

      • getting an answer from the lawyer to my questions as secretary of an association
      • lovely time volunteering a the Pregnancy Centre getting to know another volunteer and praying together
      • working together as a team as part of a Board

May 29 ~ a gift at 8 am, 12 and 8pm

      • 8 am ~ a great meditation time with our Lord – peace and connection and remembering this is our 42nd wedding anniversary
      • 12 ~ a lunch break and chatting with my hubby
      • 8 pm ~ in the middle of my Bible Study – learning more about prayer. As we persist to seek God and ask how we can pray

May 30 ~ 3 gifts blue

      • blue skies against the green trees – beautiful

Blue skies


      • blue pattern on a tissue box – I love the shapes, the colours and the reflections

pattern blue on Kleenex box

      • recycling containers – known as “the blue box”

May 31 ~ 3 gifts gave away

      • a friend gave away a $20 coupon for a classified ad for the paper – we will use it for community garage sale
      • thinking of what we can give away for the garage sale
      • a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Minden Flood Relief

June 1 ~ 3 gifts orange

      • delicious orange juice at 6:30 am as I get ready to drive to VBS workshop an  hour 20 minutes away

 Sweet oranges

      • memory of those oranges in Arizona right from the trees



A Batik Watercolour painting of grandbaby in the pumpkin patch

June 2 ~ 3 gifts funny

      • to see the sky turn black, pour rain and then the sun come out – just amazing
      • talking to a neighbour and just having a good laugh at life
      • watching Snowball sneak in, grab a sock, then hightail it up the stairs and lay with her head down on the sock watching to see what I will do

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4 thoughts on “CAN I JOY DARE YOU? Week 22

    1. JanisCox Post author

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes meeting each other I think is a real plus of this linky thing. Great to meet you and hope you drop back again.


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