Can I Joy Dare You? Week 24


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

There is only one picture this week. It was extremely busy week as I attended a writers’ conference. I hope you enjoy reading them without the pictures. I am too tired to even look for them.

 June 10 ~ a gift at 8 am; 12; and 2 pm

      • 8 am: my favourite time of quiet before we being our day – just resting in the Lord, awaiting His Voice
      • 12: lunch time, my favourite – leftovers from last night’s dinner
      • 8 pm: I have finished most of my week’s posts before I head for an award’s ceremony and a 3-day conference

June 11 ~ 3 gifts painted

      • no one can paint like God can paint; look around you, see the details, the shading, the light
      • checked out my craft for Saturday – a torn Tadeo Turtle (not really painted but crafted)
      • putting my paintings and my cards with my paintings in my car to take to the conference

June 12 ~ 3 gifts full

      • starting my morning looking after my grandson- such a blessing; taking him to daycare
      • a very full day – driving to Mississauga; missing the turn and thanking God for my GPS; picking up a friend; trying to find the hotel; getting lunch; getting a snack before the awards dinner; helping on the door with tickets; watching the Awards Gala
      • full of anticipation; waiting for the announcement; hearing Tadeo’s name – and being called to the front to accept the Best Children’s Book of 2013

Janis Cox accepting award

June 13 ~ 3 gifts smelled

      • early morning rain – you know the smell – fresh, yet full of a heavy scent
      • arriving at the conference – smells of trees, grass – but stuffed nose because of allergies
      • someone wore perfume and my friend is severely allergic to perfume; so we asked people not to put on anymore fragrances

June 14 ~ a gift unexpected; unwanted; unlikely

      • unexpected: I woke up before the 6am alarm even though we went to bed late
      • unwanted: I didn’t want to feel sleepy in my classes so I had a tea for lunch (I don’t usually drink tea or coffee)
      • unlikely: It is highly unlikely that I will retain 10 percent of what I am learning at this conference

June 15 ~ 3 gifts in His Word

      • to be able to read His Word and remember the stories
      • the more I read a passage the better I recall it when needed for prayer
      • the idea that we can be inspired by God in our writing and praying before we write is essential

June 16 ~ 3 gifts moving

        • my little grandson is on the move; he is starting to take hesitant steps back and forth, his little face full of the glee of accomplishment
        • all I have done this past week is move stuff; from my house to the car; into the hotel; out of the hotel; into the conference; back into the car; into my daughter’s house and finally back home. Thanks to my hubby for lugging the stuff back into the house. Now to put it away
        • I am moving into a different direction. Watching and waiting to see where God is leading me this time.

Once again I have added a place for you to put your links. It will remain open for a month. Let’s continue to build this JOY DARE community.

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  1. I love this idea of a joy dare. I am going to join in for sure! Going to start getting things for my list. Also, I love the smell of the air right after it rains. It does smell clean and fresh, yet heavy. Almost like all the fragrances of the plants are just hanging in the air.

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