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Can I Joy Dare You? Week 24


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

There is only one picture this week. It was extremely busy week as I attended a writers’ conference. I hope you enjoy reading them without the pictures. I am too tired to even look for them.

 June 10 ~ a gift at 8 am; 12; and 2 pm

      • 8 am: my favourite time of quiet before we being our day – just resting in the Lord, awaiting His Voice
      • 12: lunch time, my favourite – leftovers from last night’s dinner
      • 8 pm: I have finished most of my week’s posts before I head for an award’s ceremony and a 3-day conference

June 11 ~ 3 gifts painted

      • no one can paint like God can paint; look around you, see the details, the shading, the light
      • checked out my craft for Saturday – a torn Tadeo Turtle (not really painted but crafted)
      • putting my paintings and my cards with my paintings in my car to take to the conference

June 12 ~ 3 gifts full

      • starting my morning looking after my grandson- such a blessing; taking him to daycare
      • a very full day – driving to Mississauga; missing the turn and thanking God for my GPS; picking up a friend; trying to find the hotel; getting lunch; getting a snack before the awards dinner; helping on the door with tickets; watching the Awards Gala
      • full of anticipation; waiting for the announcement; hearing Tadeo’s name – and being called to the front to accept the Best Children’s Book of 2013

Janis Cox accepting award

June 13 ~ 3 gifts smelled

      • early morning rain – you know the smell – fresh, yet full of a heavy scent
      • arriving at the conference – smells of trees, grass – but stuffed nose because of allergies
      • someone wore perfume and my friend is severely allergic to perfume; so we asked people not to put on anymore fragrances

June 14 ~ a gift unexpected; unwanted; unlikely

      • unexpected: I woke up before the 6am alarm even though we went to bed late
      • unwanted: I didn’t want to feel sleepy in my classes so I had a tea for lunch (I don’t usually drink tea or coffee)
      • unlikely: It is highly unlikely that I will retain 10 percent of what I am learning at this conference

June 15 ~ 3 gifts in His Word

      • to be able to read His Word and remember the stories
      • the more I read a passage the better I recall it when needed for prayer
      • the idea that we can be inspired by God in our writing and praying before we write is essential

June 16 ~ 3 gifts moving

        • my little grandson is on the move; he is starting to take hesitant steps back and forth, his little face full of the glee of accomplishment
        • all I have done this past week is move stuff; from my house to the car; into the hotel; out of the hotel; into the conference; back into the car; into my daughter’s house and finally back home. Thanks to my hubby for lugging the stuff back into the house. Now to put it away
        • I am moving into a different direction. Watching and waiting to see where God is leading me this time.

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