Can I Joy Dare You? Week 29

Can I Joy Dare You? – Week 29


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

This week I am taking an art course at the Haliburton School of the Arts. It is called Experimental Watercolour by Kal Honey. If you are from Ontario and love art, consider checking out the summer brochure – lots of great classes.

So my pictures are few this week – if any – but I keep counting the gifts. I would love you to continue to link your posts.

July 17 ~ 3 gifts learned

  • I learned all about furnaces and air conditioning this past week as my daughter’s A/C decided it was too old to work (and this during a heat wave)
  • I learned how to keep cool; move around slowly; drink lots of fluids, have a shower and go to bed with wet hair
  • I learned there is a new Bible study starting in August – online, studying one passage of Scripture a week (hope I can find it again)

July 18 ~ 3 gifts musical

  • baby toys can come on suddenly when you least expect it
  • I love watching my grandbaby dance to the music
  • I love singing songs – praise and worship songs especially

July 19 ~ 3 gifts baked

  • it is a blessing our bread is already baked – either regular or gluten free
  • Grateful that we now have baked chips, not fried ones
  • I baked in the heat – over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees C.) and it was humid

July 20 ~ a gifts light, dark and shadow

  • light: I love the morning light waking me up
  • dark: it is so quiet in the dark
  • shadow: isn’t it wonderful how the trees provide such lovely shade, especially in the heat, while we played in the sandbox?

July 21 ~ 3 gifts story

  • Sunday’s sermon was on Mary and Martha – a story I know well as I have a children’s book, unfinished, based on this story
  • the stories in the Bible – so powerful
  • twice a month we have a storytelling course on Mondays – we are learning biblical storytelling – Highlands Biblical Storytellers.

July 22 ~ 3 gifts understated

  • we learned in art class today the difference in intensities – and it is good to vary the intensity of the colour – some to be understated or lower intensity
  • me – I have to learn not to be so intense – t0 let go of control – be understated
  • the lesson this morning from Oswald Chambers – It is NOT about me. I have to keep reminding myself

July 23 ~ a gift high, low and far away

  • high: I drank a chai tea this morning and actually had a high level of energy for most of the day
  • low: unfortunately now that it is nighttime – my energy level has hit bottom – low
  • far away: this week I am reminded of the Polish mission team, with which I have travelled 4 previous times, is so far away. Praying for them especially since they have lost half the team (before they arrived). Trusting God to figure this out.

Here are a few shots of the weird and wonderful things we have been doing this week.

An artist works with the strainer to see the types of marks that she can make on the paper. No brushes were allowed.
Bought for $1.00 at the Dollar Store – this artist uses it to create interesting textures.
This is my effort. I used the little squiggly thing at the top. Made from flower wire, it has a feathery end. Amazing how many different marks can be made from it.
One of the students had made this gadget – string, washers. Our instructor, Kal Honey, is shown using it.



  1. Love your list, Janis! I LOVE having chai in the morning! Looks like some very creative art projects, too! Thanks for stopping in at my blog! Have a blessed day!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

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