Can I Joy Dare You? – Week 8


As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

February 18 ~ gifts on paper

  • working through our tax papers
  • writing in my journal





  • new paintings on white paper

February 19 ~ 3 gifts that were plan “B”

  • forgot that I needed to post to Family and Faith Matters but read a great article on media influence on children so wrote about that
  • memory: we planned to sell our house but God had other plans and we sold our cottage instead (very good result)
  • had to return home from art class as I forgot my palette but in that time I remembered my cheque book to pay as well

February 20 ~ a gift at breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • my hubby and I sitting at breakfast discussing all sorts of things
  • we ordered a new (used) car for me for when we return to Canada so we will have two vehicles
  • a wonderful phone conversation with my middle daughter

February 21 ~ three gifts white

Snow in the desert – Mesa, AZ

  • snow in Mesa, Arizona in February

White Egret

  • a beautiful white egret
  • a blank page to write or paint on


February 22 ~ 3 gifts that changed today

  • I slept in this morning until 7am (usually I wake around 6am)
  • my dance teacher told me I had changed in the past two years – to becoming more graceful – I grew from gangling and unbalanced to balanced and “graceful”
  • my hubby and I went out to dinner – a very unusual occurrence because of my allergies; we tried a Mexican place and the corn Fahitas were amazing

February 23 ~ a gift of tin, glass, wood

  • my drawing instructor does beautiful work with bronze (which is a mixture of tin and lead)
  • in order to see I need glasses

Wooden Sculpture

  • I have a wooden FISH that I bought from an outdoor market; a sign of Jesus

February 24 ~ 3 gifts before 11 am

  •  sitting in a flipback chair in the quiet morning listening to God
  • a quick walk in the brisk windy morning with Snowball and hubby
  • music that filled my soul at church

Would love to hear your comments. And make a list of blessings and put them in the comments. Or give me your link where you list the gifts.




8 thoughts on “CAN I JOY DARE YOU? – Week 8

  1. Ann

    Sometimes it takes a little work to find the deeper “gifts” that the Lord gives us every day, but often I’ve discovered things that way that I wouldn’t have had a single thought about. Thanks for sharing these, as you continue to take the Joy Dare! I also am listing His blessings!
    In His Love, ❤Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. JanisCox Post author

      Hi Ann,
      Yes – it does take more time and searching but when I find them I am so excited. Sometimes I am astonished that I find what I thought was impossible. I will check you out.
      Thanks for dropping by,

  2. Beth

    Oh how I love how you are sharing the joy dare. I have been doing mine on Face Book everyday. But I love this idea of blogging it once a week. I have been wanting to write it somewhere else. Love this. I love your paper. This is so encouraging and up lifting thank you for sharing. I may just have to jump on the idea of poting a weeks worth of Joy Dare on my blog.

  3. Lynn Mosher

    There are so many things in life for which we should give thanks, yet overlook so many of them. I love reading what others learn to appreciate and give thanks for. Stopping by from SDG. Bless you!


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