CAN I JOY DARE YOU? Weeks 20 and 21

Can I Joy Dare You? Weeks 20 and 21

Can-I-Dare-You-Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. A wonderful week searching and looking. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

I have opened a LINKY for one month. If you count the gifts of God I would welcome you to link to this post. I would love to visit each one of your blogs.

Coming off my blogging Sabbatical – I feel refreshed and ready to begin the week.

May 13 – 3 gifts found in your Mother


  • my Mother had perseverance. When we were growing up my Dad had a broken back (which he kept healthy by exercises); my sister became diabetic at 10 years of age; I suffered from asthma from age 3. Mom kept us all organized and healthy.
  • my Mother had a sweetness of spirit, a wonderful smile and she loved people and people loved her
  • my Mother was humble and was always doing something for others

May 14 ~ a gift picked up; put away and put back

  • picked up: I love picking up my Bible, Oswald Chambers and Jesus Calling every morning
  • put away: I a learning (slowly) to put away my stuff as I use it. Learning this habit.
  • put back: I put back all the spices I used for dinner. I love how spices can make a meal sing.

May 15 ~ 3 gifts about you

  • I am determined
  • I love to encourage others by prayers, offering Scriptures and listening to their troubles
  • I am disciplined. My allergies made me learn to focus on making good choices.

May 16 ~ 3 gifts found in the Word

  • Proverbs 19:21 – the Lord’s purpose prevails
  • 1 John 5:14 – if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us
  • Romans 12:12 – Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer

May 17 ~ a gifts in a box; in a bag; in a book

  • in a box: I found some bridge tallies (my Mom’s) in a box. I found a friend who likes bridge and donated them to her
  • in a bag: my Hubby does the grocery shopping and brings home all the groceries in reusable bags
  • in a book: I read a chapter or two a night; I love historical fiction; right now I am reading biblical historical fiction by Bunn and Oke, the Acts of Faith Series; I am in the second one.

Centurion's Wife

May 18 ~ 3 gifts unexpected

  • a dream I remembered. A black monster in the sky; I headed to the crawl space; I had no fear. Our crawl space is on bedrock. I have a firm foundation. Stick with Jesus – He is our Rock
  • I learned to write the Lord’s Prayer in my own words
  • all our family will be meeting together on Sunday (and it didn’t rain)

May 19 ~ 3 gifts from childhood

  • safety – I always felt safe
  • love – I always felt the love of my parents and my sister
  • my sister – a continuing gift to me

May 20 ~ a gifts sweet; sour; and salty

These all come from our family day together

  • gift sweet: fruit cocktail with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and canteloupe
  • gift sour: my grandson had a sour expression as he hadn’t had enough sleep the night before (firecrackers); but he perked up after a little snooze in the car
  • salty: we had corn chips for dinner instead of potatoes or rice

May 21 ~ 3 gifts found in little people

  • exuberance – grandchildren who ran and played all day
  • laughter while playing Monopoly with my granddaughter
  • cuddles and snuggles with our 2 month old grandson

May 22 ~ 3 gifts that made you laugh

  • Snowball’s excitement when she sees me first thing in the morning – kisses, and her whole body is shaking with love


  • my friend learning to laugh at herself when she makes mistakes (she is a perfectionist); made me laugh too
  • seeing the number of reading glasses my Hubby has lying around our house (all from the dollar store)

May 23 ~ 3 gifts found in community

  • reviewing the notes from our community association AGM and the members support of the directors’ initiatives
  • watching how our entire county is rallying around raising funds for flood relief in Minden
  • how our Pregnancy Care Centre has become, in 7 years, a vital presence in the lives of moms and dads

May 24 ~ a gift in a plate; a pot; and a package

  • in a plate: I love my new less expensive but great looking kitchen plates
  • in a pot: I love my oatmeal every morning for breakfast especially as my Hubby makes it
  • in a package: getting my raffle basket ready for a conference

raffle basket

May 25 ~ 3 gifts hard giving thanks for

  • a very tired body
  • disappointment in low sales at the conference
  • frustration in knowing whether what we are doing  in marketing is making sense

May 26 ~ a gift worn, white and whispered

  • a gift worn: thankful I took my warmer coat on this trip as it was chilly out
  • a gift white: we took our white boat out of the garage, getting it ready to launch
  • a gift whispered: I heard God’s whisper today as I rested in Him on the Sabbath

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