CHANGE – Five-Minute Fridays

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I get 5 minutes on the word – CHANGE. And no picture today – that’s a change. No time.


Change – Five-Minute Fridays

My husband hates change. He likes the “same old, same old”. I love change. Can you see the problem?

But we have been married for 41 years – why? Compromise – or one of us “wins”.

As long as one of us doesn’t “win” continually, we rest in peace. We like to talk things out – sometimes it gets a little rowdy; sometimes one of us sees the other’s point of view quickly; sometimes we just drop it for another time.

Right now I am in a change mood. I would like to move around my living room because I am tired of the way it looks. It needs a change. And practically it would help with the rest of the house because I want to switch rooms around.

I mentioned it – oh my goodness – the frown; the look; the “oh no” not again. But really I haven’t moved things around much – really, I haven’t.

So I let it drop – for a few days. Then I will approach the subject again. Little drops – one at a time.

I agree with him that change just for change sake is not fruitful. But I have a plan in mind and I can envision what it will look like.

My daughter just changed her rooms around so she could make the dining room a play room close to the kitchen to watch her little one. It looks great – and so practical.

Maybe that is where I got the notion. So I will give it a few days.

Oh my time is UP.

What do you think of change? Are you able to embrace it when it happens? Do you hold back? Or can you march to a new tune? Our minister talked about this on Sunday on Two Interpretations of Matthew 9: 14-17. Does our vision of church need a change?



  1. Thank you for leaving your address so I could come and read this. Compromise, even about change can definitely be a peaceful approach to life. I like your determination. While you husband may think you have dropped it(like any good husband would), I like that you are willing to just put it on the back burner. Thanks for coming for a visit.

  2. I’m learning most men have a hard time visualizing change. and the ol’ saying “if it’s not broken…” but most women can envision improvement and that’s what drives us 😉

    What a fun write on the word! Thank you for sharing! (and thanks for linking up my take on the word. what a blessing!)


    1. Nikki,
      Thanks. This 5-minute writing certainly frees up the mind, doesn’t it. If you read the next post you will see that this is a brand new start in another blog. It worked!

    1. We are two peas in a pod – right? Hoping you are taking “change” in a good light – the light of Christ.

  3. I’m probably more like your husband. 🙂 But I do agree with you… sometimes change can be a very good thing! I enjoy rearranging too. My husband (who in general is more fond of change) is always aggravated when he comes home and I’ve moved things around in the kitchen cabinets.
    And as far as change regarding our vision of church….we’ve been in a long season of God changing our vision, and it has been a good, good thing!

    1. Ashley,
      It is good to look at how God sees things, isn’t it? God is changing my vision as well. With my trips to Poland He is opening up a whole new way of looking at “church” – Jesus walking on this earth through us.
      Don’t change the cupboards too often.

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