Counting to 2000

One Thousand Gifts

I  reached 2000 this week. So next week I will be saying – Counting to 3000.

Someone handed me a paper the other day that said:

Things to Do Today

        • Ask God to help you prioritize your life.
        • Ask Him for guidance and courage.
        • Make God’s priorities your priorities.
        • If you do, you will receive God’s abundance and His peace.

As we head toward Christmas – this second week of Advent – may you be filled with God’s presence and peace.

My gifts from this week:

        •  watching my grandbaby play peek-a-boo on Skype
        • learning to play Mexican Train Dominoes with Wayne – we are still confused
        • Twitter followers  – follow me on @AuthorJanisCox on Twitter
        • 1982 – memory of our third baby’s birth
        • warmth of the sunshine while we walk
        • warmth of the hot tub and the steam bath
        • things that are red: my apple every morning, my cozy red housecoat and red traffic lights to control the flow of cars and keep people safe
        •  pictures on the wall of my family
        • 1987 – memory of my hubby and I starting our company Pearlchem
        • sunsets in Arizona – amazing reds (someday I will remember my camera)
        • meeting new friends on Twitter @AuthorJanisCox and @UTCOP (Under the Cover of Prayer)
        • actually slept in until 7am
        • indulged in a nap
        • great Scrabble game
        • praise song words, “None but Jesus, crucified to set me free.” Hillsong

        • connecting with a friend in Poland
        • toes didn’t hurt at tap dance
        • 1996  – remembering son’s wedding
        • “Art in the Courtyard” – painting and selling books
Ethel teaching me watercolour batik.

        • Advent – an adventure with God
        • 2000 – new Christmas song “My Soul Magnifies the Lord” played with a full orchestra and sung by a youth choir



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