Counting to 3000

This week has been an interesting one. Much travelling; family; games; eating and fellowship. Continuing to Count the Gifts God gives:

  • getting packed to go home to Canada
  • great walks in the sunshine
  • got time at the park – Snowball meets and greets new friends
  • God is in the details
  • HUGS and smiles
  • baby chuckles when I read a nap-time story
  • Snowball enjoying Kella and Roxy’s company
  • working at SLOW and SIMPLIFY
  • warm coat, hat, and mitts for wintry weather
  • furnaces that make home warm when it’s “cold outside”.
  • hearing my sister’s voice
  • a pretty Christmas tree

  • Christmas cards of love and caring

    stillness – a quiet time with God early in the morning

    Hard Eucharisteo – hubby’s Dad is very sick

    miracle of God – healing for hubby’s father

    packing up for trip to Toronto

    good weather for driving even though it called for “wicked weather”

    Bryce’s first Christmas present

  • Bryce-first-present

    • all the family together for a Christmas celebration on Dec. 22
    • laughter, good food, and fun
    • putting on the Christmas Story with our 4 grandchildren – they did a beautiful job of playing all the parts
    The First Christmas with grandchildren.
    The First Christmas with grandchildren.
    • putting on a play of The Three Little Pigs
    The grandkids made puppets for the play The Three Little Pigs.
    The grandkids made puppets for the play The Three Little Pigs.
    • playing Charades with my 5-year old Granddaughter, her Dad and my hubby
    • reading “Jesus Calling”: “I am … – the One who never lets go of your hand. You need Me both as God and Man.” LOVE THAT.



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