ADVENT – Looking at Week Three – JOY

Advent – Looking at Week Three – Joy

JOY - photo by Elli Kistemaker
JOY – photo by Ellie Kistemaker

Continuation of a series on Advent – Hope, Peace. I continue to write for 5 minutes on Friday waiting to join up with Lisa Jo in January when she restarts Five-Minute Fridays. Also linking to Friday Favorite Things.

Today’s word is JOY.

What is joy? Where do I find it? I hope that everyone who reads this can be “joy-filled” every day. I hope that whatever job you have, you can look for the blessings in it and not the negatives. If your life or job is full of negatives – look for a small ray of light and cling to that. That is joy.

The best JOY of all is Jesus. Joy is a divine interchange with Jesus.

J – Jesus

O – Opens

Y – You

“We have been given a responsibility to live it [life] fully, joyfully, completely, and richly, in whatever span of time God grants us on this earth” ~ Lucy Swindoll.

Remember that:

Jesus is forever

He is NOW

He will never let you go


My Saviour

He is my everything


“It is impossible to give thanks and simultaneously feel fear” ~ Ann Voskamp.

In order to find joy we have to see the gifts of God – live thanking Him, live experiencing Him and live enjoying Him.

Here are some excellent posts I have read this week.

Janet Sketchley writes “Joy Under Pressure”.

Rachel Martin writes “82 Blessings for Kids“.

Janet Sketchley writes “Where is Your Joy and Security?”.

Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare for 2012 “Take the Joy Dare”.

Ann Voskamp’s, “The Joy Habit”.

And finally, Where’s the Line to See Jesus.

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