Counting to 3000

In January 2011 I started to count gifts after reading Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. It is a great way to stay focused on little and big blessings in my life. My fat little book is almost finished – time to find a new one.


I started off this week a little slowly as you will see but recuperated by the end of the week. Still saw many blessings.

Counting Gifts from God:

        • flu bug slowed me down – maybe that was a good thing?
        • the memory of the year 2002 – our daughter’s wedding
        • the memory of the year 2003 – the birth of our first granddaughter – Quinn
        • getting better from the flu bug – Vitamin C, lots of water, rest
        • great dinner with a long-time friend
        • the memory of year 2006 – birth of our first grandson – Hayden
        • the memory of year 2007 – birth of our second granddaughter – Carissa
        • time to read  – good book that was delivered from David C. Cook – unexpectedly,  Healer by Linda Windsor
        • the memory of year 2009 – birth of our second grandson – Russell
        • Bible Babes Christmas party


        • rain – yes rain in the desert
Raindrops on leaves in desert
Raindrops on leaves in desert


We got rain in the desert.
We got rain in the desert.



A puddle in the desert
A puddle in the desert


Puffed up cacti  - preparing for the dry to come.
Puffed up cacti – preparing for the dry to come.
        • more rain in the desert – puddles and fat cacti
        • the memory of year 2012 – birth of our third grandson – Bryce
        • looking for ear muffs (haven’t found them yet)
        • a disorganized symphony of music from the birds at 5pm
        • messaging my granddaughter at 7am (MST) Cool!
        • an unexpected and delightful review of Tadeo on Amazon
        • a new painting


          •  solution to hard water stains


Hard Water Solution
Hard Water Solution
Shiny glasses – and silverware!




    1. Thanks Margaret,
      I will be starting a new gifts’ book in a few days… Maybe sketching pages would be good but painting doesn’t work well in little books – I need my watercolour paper – space and time to work on a painting. 🙂

  1. Hi dear Janis
    You have inspired me!!! Tomorrow I am also starting my journal. The fibromyalgia causes me lots of teeth abscesses and this month I already had two painful ones! I cannot begin to tell you how VERY grateful I am for antibiotics and the means to buy it from a chemist. I don’t have to wait in logs rows at a state hospital to get mine, not knowing if there will be available, like most South Africans have to do! Not to mention my grattitude for pain medication.
    Bless you for this

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