CRAFTING SATURDAYS – Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

Crafting Saturdays – Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

I am getting ready for a Homeschool conference in 2 weeks.

I am making stuffed Tadeo Turtles which I will be giving instructions for soon.

I hope to have a bale of them for the conference.

Stuffed Tadeo Turtle - Janis CoxBut for today I am going to show you how to make a turtle scene using felt board. You can make any scene you want, then move around the characters and items. But today Tadeo is going to show his story.


      • Felt – in different colours:
      • brown, light blue, dark blue, green, purple, white, black
      • card board (I used a cereal box)
      • glue
      • scissors
      • cardboard pattern


Cut the felt to match the size of your cardboard. I used the light blue for my background but you can use whatever colour you wish.

Cut out the other pieces using the PDF file Felt Tadeo Turtle, see below; or draw your own. You could print this PDF onto photo copy (or stock paper for easier handling). Then trace the patterns onto the felt. Cut out the pieces.

Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

Glue the shapes to the turtle’s back. Glue the eye to the turtle. You could use a googly eye instead. Leave the other shapes free to move.

Felt Board Tadeo Turtle

Now make the scene. You can hide Tadeo behind the rocks, just like in the story.

Tadeo Peeking from behind the rocks

This craft is shown in my book Tadeo Turtle. Please check out more on Tadeo’s Page.

Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox
Tadeo Turtle written and illustrated by Janis Cox

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  1. This is SO fun! I love the pattern you shared, too! Thanks for linking to Share It Saturday this week- I’ll be featuring you tomorrow.

  2. Super cute! My girls love playing with felt story boards (the few times that they’ve seen one) so this would be a great craft for them. Thanks for sharing the turtle shapes, as I’m terrible at drawing! And thanks for linking up with the Write Mama blog hop.

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