Creative Saturdays – Stained Glass Tadeo Turtle

Creative Saturdays – Stained Glass Tadeo Turtle

When I search for stained glass for kids I always found the craft uses Clear Contact Paper.  I went shopping and thought I had bought clear but it turns out it is grey. Not good.

But I decided to try my own version of this craft and instead of using contact paper I used clear plastic wrap and glue.


      • clear plastic wrap (for wrapping gift baskets)
      • coloured tissue paper
      • construction paper
      • scissors
      • white glue or Podge


Cut the tissue into squares or any shape the child can cut. Make a pile of the different colours.


Put the clear plastic on a piece of construction paper (the better to see what you are doing and holds the plastic in place.

Cover a large area of the plastic with glue.


Start putting the tissue pieces on the glued area. Overlapping is fine. Cover with more glue.

Fill the entire area where you think you will cut out your figure (I am using a turtle).


Wait for it to dry or hurry it along with a hair dryer.


Draw  the turtle and cut him out.

Draw around the piece on the construction paper.


Cut out the construction paper turtle.


Cut inside the turtle so that you have a turtle frame. Put glue around the edge and paste the stained glass to the frame.



There you have it – a stained glass Tadeo Turtle

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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  1. I’ve always loved that stained glass effect from tissue paper and glue. The sun makes a brilliant mosaic in the window when they are all on display!

    1. Joyce,
      I think it is amazing how it shone even though is was dark when I took the picture. I love the shiny way the glue gives to the craft.

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