Creative Tuesday – Happiness – How a human cared for a baby duck and that duck became a great mother

Creative Tuesday – Happiness – How a human cared for a baby duck and that duck became a great mother

Our prompt today was, “What makes me happy?” from Creative Tuesdays.

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I haven’t made a title that long before. Whew. But this story is amazing.

Last year, my friend found that a baby duck had been kicked out of the nest by mother duck. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reunite the duckling with the mother my friend decided to look after it until it became strong enough to survive on its own. One of the reuniting attempts landed my friend into the waters of our lake (recycled water). Her heart and soul were with this little duckling.

She named her Libby. And when Libby grew strong enough she flew over the patio wall and joined the throng of other ducks. She found a friend and flew north for the summer. This winter my friend was thrilled to find Libby at her gate introducing her mate. Then she disappeared for 2 weeks.

A few days ago Libby appeared again but this time with her family of 15 little ducklings. Isn’t that amazing! My friend cared for this duckling who in turn became a mama. And a good one at that. She occasionally comes to my friend’s gate.

I took some pictures while walking around our lake and decided that “little lives” make me happy. Just watching these precious ones jump up the wall of the lake, follow mother duck around and grow each day.

To me happiness is life – watching it, living it and enjoying it.

My grandchildren give me the same happiness – seeing them grow, listening to their stories, enjoying their love. We have been blessed with seven grandchildren. My happiness is overflowing.


To me happiness is life – watching it, living it and enjoying it. @dotty_hill Creative Tuesdays




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  1. Ducklings! So beautiful and cute and well rendered. I’m so glad you were inspired by such a sweet happy story. The art is sweet and happy as well. Thanks for posting something to make us all smile (-:

  2. That’s a lovely art piece for a delightful, heart warming story! Awww. So true. Love it, Janis. Thanks for sharing and a great interpretation on the happy theme too.

  3. that’s a great story, I’m glad to know the duckling became a mother, not everyone’s that fortunate, glad your friend is there to help the duckling. & nice painting.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Hi Lissa,
      Yes I loved the story and miss the ducklings now that I am back in Canada. But I was so glad to be there for the event.

  4. Reading the story of the little duckling and seeing your artwork made me really happy. I used to work in an animal shelter for few years. It was tough to see all the hurt animals but it was all worth it each time when some of them found a new home with loving people. Nature is a curios place. That is really lovely and amazing that your friend and the bird made bond this way.

    1. Niina,
      I am so happy you feel happy. Animal stories can make us more aware of helping. And I loved her story too and to actually see it happen has been a blessing.

  5. To me happiness is life – watching it, living it and enjoying it. <–this one just stood out to me. Life is indeed these three. I vow to watch, live and enjoy my life as much as and as long as I can. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, Janis!

  6. Your “Libby” painting (that’s what I’ll call it) is simply beautiful! I love the softness of your paintings, Janis. And your friend’s story about Libby is “simply beautiful” too!. How awesome that Libby comes back to visit. I imagined Libby sticking out her chest as she showed off her brood of chicks. And you’re so blessed with happiness with your brood of seven grandchildren.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thank you – thank you. The story to me was amazing and to be there watching Libby look after her babies. There were 2 other ducks with duckling and a goose with a gosling as well. That’s another story.

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