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Creative Tuesday – Happiness – How a human cared for a baby duck and that duck became a great mother

Creative Tuesday – Happiness – How a human cared for a baby duck and that duck became a great mother

Our prompt today was, “What makes me happy?” from Creative Tuesdays.

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I haven’t made a title that long before. Whew. But this story is amazing.

Last year, my friend found that a baby duck had been kicked out of the nest by mother duck. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to reunite the duckling with the mother my friend decided to look after it until it became strong enough to survive on its own. One of the reuniting attempts landed my friend into the waters of our lake (recycled water). Her heart and soul were with this little duckling.

She named her Libby. And when Libby grew strong enough she flew over the patio wall and joined the throng of other ducks. She found a friend and flew north for the summer. This winter my friend was thrilled to find Libby at her gate introducing her mate. Then she disappeared for 2 weeks.

A few days ago Libby appeared again but this time with her family of 15 little ducklings. Isn’t that amazing! My friend cared for this duckling who in turn became a mama. And a good one at that. She occasionally comes to my friend’s gate.

I took some pictures while walking around our lake and decided that “little lives” make me happy. Just watching these precious ones jump up the wall of the lake, follow mother duck around and grow each day.

To me happiness is life – watching it, living it and enjoying it.

My grandchildren give me the same happiness – seeing them grow, listening to their stories, enjoying their love. We have been blessed with seven grandchildren. My happiness is overflowing.


To me happiness is life – watching it, living it and enjoying it. @dotty_hill Creative Tuesdays




Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request.


You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.


How to Start the New Year Right

Here is a wonderful post from Randy Kirk, a fellow member of the John 3:16 Network.

7 Secrets to Choosing Happiness in 2014 by Randy Kirk




Have you had enough negative input for one decade? Tired of hearing about squabbles in Washington, tensions in the Mideast, and the economics of fear? Here are seven guaranteed ways that you can choose happiness in 2014.

To find out the seven ways you can choose happiness visit Randy Kirk.


Happy New Year to everyone. Blessings for 2014.


Answered Prayers

by Katrina Kaczmarek (reprinted with permission from (jn)courage)

I am writing today from my chemotherapy chair.

It is 2:15 and I have been here getting my juice since 8:00 this morning, but you know what? It is a beautiful day! I met a new patient. I see him every Thursday when here, he sits in a chair off in the corner, and sleeps. I have never spoken to him before, because he is asleep. I too have a regular chair that I enjoy sitting in, and today it was taken. This man’s regular chair was taken as well. We ended up sitting next to each other this morning, and we talked. Big surprise, I can be very talkative!!! I could talk to a tree if I really needed to for some reason.

He has stage IV colon cancer and chemotherapy every single Thursday!!!!! He has been having chemotherapy every single Thursday for two and a half years!!! There is no end in sight for him. His chemotherapy is happening in order to prolong his life. His attitude is amazing. He is young, and he still has younger children at home, so of course he is going to take all the treatment he can get. He just goes with it uncomplaining.

I have learned a lesson. There is always someone worse off than you (that part I already knew ) However, there is always someone worse off than you with a better attitude about life. How humbling for all of us. You can look around at people and think, man they have it bad, how can they be happy? Then you spend some time with them and you learn they are happier than you are!

When you first figure this out, you are getting close, because now you can start looking for true happiness. You have finally figured out you don’t have real happiness! Figuring out you have a problem is always the first step in the correct direction. Some of us go off and try the stuff, a bigger house, better car, more trips, new spouse or more things. If you take this route you will have a longer more painful journey because none of this stuff will give you that true internal happiness that you so often find in stage IV cancer patients.

Happiness comes from within, from God who is always whispering, “I love you, just the way you are. Turn to Me, please, I will wipe all the tears from your eyes, I will make you run without growing wearing, and I will satisfy the true desire of your heart, rest in ME! I alone can give you true peace and happiness”

I have told you this before, but today it bears repeating. When in medical school, I prayed to God, “God, make me a doctor, so that I can go into the cancer wards, and find the miracles. God said, “No, my love, I have another gift in mind, instead you will have cancer, and as a patient sitting in the wards, you will see the miracles that are all around!” My prayer was answered! Not in a way I would have ever imagined or chosen, but answered nonetheless. I am seeing the miracles, and for His glory and Him willing I will be one of those miracles as well!

So today instead of being upset, depressed, or angry, I am crying for joy and the only words I can think to utter are “Thank You God for loving me!!!!”

Happy Loving and Sitting!


Katrina Kaczmarek

Katrina is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and  a friend. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ where she is raising two amazing kids. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after starting her blog, “Love Can Sit Anywhere” so she and her family are in the midst of the battle. Originally her blog was started as a journal about her search for God, but if you are interested in breast cancer, it has and will continue to make appearances, as she searches for God in the midst of disease.