Do You need a Sabbath Rest from Blogging?

Do You Need a Sabbath Rest from Blogging?


Once again I am taking a break from blogging – My plan was to take every 7th week off but I missed the 7th week and am into the 8th. I actually noticed the difference – I need to stop and take a break. God tells us to be wise – and taking a break for me is a wise choice.

Next week is a great week to stop as I am co-ordinating  VIBE (Ventures in Biblical Education) at our church. I need my wits about me and energy to sustain me through the week. We have ages 4-12 for 1/2 day for 5 days.

Here are the links if you would like to catch up on posts and also to read those who have linked their posts.

Sunday Stillness

with a Link – Thank you to all the loyal supporters who faithfully link their wonderful posts each week. I have extended Sunday’s post to last for 2 weeks.

Can I Joy Dare You?

with a Link – This post has moved from Monday to Wednesday and the link will continue here as well.

Five Minute Fridays

Read through the posts where I have been given a word to write about in 5 minutes – no editing.

Creative Saturdays

I attempt to think of new activities for children to enjoy. Check back through the activities.

See you in a week – Enjoy.

And if you haven’t visited Tadeo Turtle’s Page I would ask that you check him out. He won an award for the best children’s book in 2013 by The Word Awards.





  1. Dear Jan,
    I am so glad you are taking a Sabbath rest. Personally I don’t know how you do it all and then you were kind enough to mentor me.
    I am glad God helped me decide on only one blog per week. I find I truly don’t have time for any more. Glad you reblogged my post on Resting. Please feel free to reblog any that are appropriate.

    1. Thanks Rose,
      I still have enough to do … 🙂 but it is nice to not have the deadlines this week – it gives me a chance to get a little ahead.

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