Too Much Turkey

Yes I am embarrassed – well at least laughing at myself. So Five-Minute Friday connection – missed it for Friday, for Saturday. But Sunday night I thought I could grab a few minutes and posts my thoughts.

Well if anyone paid attention to my post I chose a word that I did a couple of weeks ago – WIDE. Obviously with a different slant – that’s okay. But it wasn’t the word for this week.

And to top it all off I mention that I had trouble with measurement words and proceeded to explain that my husband taught me the right way to name measurements. However, after posting he read it and said: “You still didn’t get it right!” I had written:

 “My husband, after many tries, has finally been able to get it through my thick head which measurement is wide; which is depth and which is length.”

It should have read “height” not “length”. And it should have read “width” and not “wide”.

I know that we are not supposed to edit – and we only write – but really I couldn’t even get the correct word for the post.

I put this all down to turkey; 8 adults; 5 children; and 5 dogs. Lots of fun but I shouldn’t have even tried to add writing during this.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone – and my American friends – just you wait until your turn comes.





    1. Brian,
      Did you stuff yourself? Drowsy? Maybe we have turkey to relax everyone. Much better than any alcohol isn’t it? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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