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Too Much Turkey

Yes I am embarrassed – well at least laughing at myself. So Five-Minute Friday connection – missed it for Friday, for Saturday. But Sunday night I thought I could grab a few minutes and posts my thoughts.

Well if anyone paid attention to my post I chose a word that I did a couple of weeks ago – WIDE. Obviously with a different slant – that’s okay. But it wasn’t the word for this week.

And to top it all off I mention that I had trouble with measurement words and proceeded to explain that my husband taught me the right way to name measurements. However, after posting he read it and said: “You still didn’t get it right!” I had written:

 “My husband, after many tries, has finally been able to get it through my thick head which measurement is wide; which is depth and which is length.”

It should have read “height” not “length”. And it should have read “width” and not “wide”.

I know that we are not supposed to edit – and we only write – but really I couldn’t even get the correct word for the post.

I put this all down to turkey; 8 adults; 5 children; and 5 dogs. Lots of fun but I shouldn’t have even tried to add writing during this.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone – and my American friends – just you wait until your turn comes.