Five Minute Fridays – Belong

Five Minute Fridays – Belong

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

It’s Friday night – the worst of the storm has passed I think; baby is in bed (we are babysitting); time to take 5 minutes to write on the word “belong”.

I know the minute I knew I belonged to Jesus – I can tell you the spot too. After wrestling with Jesus for about a year – I had read books, prayed, attended Bible studies, read the Bible and journalled – a friend suggested I just ask Jesus to reveal Himself. So I did. And in that moment I knew I belonged to Him. He came in a mighty way – with a power I can’t explain and He captivated me for all time.

I know I belong to Jesus. (tweet this)

There will never be any doubt in my mind after that moment in time.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have lots to learn. I do. The Holy Spirit is teaching me each day as I read, study and pray. But it does mean that I have let go of control of my life. My worries are gone because I know that God cares for me.

Do you belong? Can you tell me your story?

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