Five Minute Fridays – WAIT

Five Minute Fridays – WAIT

Picture taken in Haliburton by Janis Cox

 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shalll walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31, AKJV).

Once more, it is Friday – take 5 minutes and just write. Set the timer. Go.

I don’t like waiting. I admit it. I am someone who likes to work quickly. I get impatient with stories that take too long getting to the point.

I want to know NOW. 

I am one who is ‘on the go’ – or like to be ‘on the go’. At least that was the case until this January when I caught the flu. That put me out of commission for 3 weeks. Even now I have to make sure I don’t overdo it or I wear out.

That’s why this year my word is RESTORE – to intentionally find things that will restore my mind, body and spirit.

I am learning, albeit slowly, to wait for some things. Here are some of them.

  • Wait while someone is talking – don’t interrupt. 
  • Wait for traffic lights by talking to God (and not about the stop in traffic!)
  • Wait for God – actually sit for 5, 10, 15 minutes, whatever time it takes for me to feel the peace He brings.
  • Wait for my new picture book to be finished. Take it slowly and in His timing. Don’t fret.
  • Wait and watch for what God is doing in my life. Ponder over it. Reflect on it.


Lord help me to learn to wait – to rest in You. Help me to remember to take the minutes necessary to reconnect. Help me to listen to Your voice of when to GO. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Time’s up. Five minutes goes quickly doesn’t it. Joining Kate Motaung for Five Minute Fridays.


What does WAIT mean to you? Joining Kate Motaung for #FMFparty (click to tweet).

Join us on Fridays – take 5 minutes to share your thoughts – no editing, just write.


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    1. Karen,
      Me too. It is a hard lesson but God has the plan so sometimes wait is what we need to do. Sometimes maybe it is practice so we know how to wait.

  1. Janis, those are great things to wait for! May God grant you the patience to rest in Him as you wait. Praying for your health to be restored as soon as possible. 🙂 x

      1. Janis, I’m slowly learning the lessons of patience too, and it’s far from easy when my nature is to be quick and hasty even if my body isn’t capable of reacting swiftly! As for recovery from the flu, I’m rather like you:” I have to make sure I don’t overdo it or I wear out.” and needing to rest and pace carefully.
        Our hope is to renew our strength as we rest in and wait on the Lord. He will anoint and equip us for all He calls us to do, if not all we would like to achieve! Blessings of health and strength to you, friend. 🙂 x

        1. Joy,
          We are more alike than ever, aren’t we? And I know you didn’t catch the flu from me. lol:) Unless we can catch germs over the Internet.
          Rest for both of us; renewed strength; then we will fly.

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