Flying with Jesus

by Jan Cox

Recently we took a plane ride back to Canada from our winter home in Arizona. While waiting to board we heard these words:

“Passengers on flight 3677 please be advised that there are high winds in Buffalo. We want to warn you that we will not assure you that your plane will land in Buffalo. As a matter of fact if we have to reroute the plane we will not pay for any personal expenses you might incur. If you wish to change your flight we ask you do so now.”

Now what were we going to do? Our son was to pick us up in Buffalo to drive us to Haliburton, Ontario. Quickly I found my cell phone (which I use only for emergencies) and tried phoning him. Didn’t work. So I texted him (yes I know how to do that!) that “our flitht might be changed due to winds” (yes I misspelled flight).

We took off. Most of the flight was uneventful. Of course, from the time of the announcement  I had prayed for good weather, wisdom for the pilot, and calmness for the passengers.

Except for a couple of times when the air stewardesses were told to take their seats, we had smooth flying. As we approached Buffalo, the pilot came on and told everyone to take their seats including the stewardesses and that our approach was going to be bumpy.

I kept praying, finding perfect peace in each bump. I knew Jesus was in control. I looked around and everyone seemed rather subdued. The approach to Buffalo lasted about 45 minutes. Complete calm came over me.

When we landed with quite a bump, the front of the plane clapped. I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about.

After we exited I said to my husband, “Well that wasn’t too bad, was it?”

My husband looked at me aghast… “What? That was one of the worst landings I have ever been experienced. It was a white knuckle ride.” (And he has flown many more times that I).”

So thank You Lord for keeping me in an unnatural peace through a rough ride. Flying with Jesus kept my spirit in tune with His. I knew He was in control. He kept His promise to keep me calm.

Here is my Gratitude List for this week:

70. A good game of Cribbage (but better when I win?)
71.  A Granddaughter who turned 8
72.  A Granddaughter who turned 4
73.  Bills that can be paid
74.  Being asked over for dinner by friends
75.  Memories of the last few days at the pool
76.  Flying back to Canada


Thank You for our safe flight home to Canada. There may have been bumps but we knew You were with us all the way. Stand with us, guide us and lead us, Jesus. In Your Name, Amen.