AM I GRACEFUL? – Five-Minute Fridays

Am I Graceful? – Five-Minute Fridays

That word brought back many memories today.


I am linking in to Lisa-Jo on Five-Minute Fridays.

A tall lanky teenager.

As I grew up I realized that I was not graceful. My arms and legs did not know how to work in tandem. Being tall hindered my gracefulness. I did not do well at sports because my co-ordination lacked everything needed to make me move with ease. The only sport I could do well was curling and I did not perform that gracefully. Others slid out with their rocks – I fell on my knee. I even required a knee pad to keep my knee from being banged on the ice. But I did win a posture queen contest in grade eight!

At ten years of age my mother decided that ballet would help. Sure – I am ten and am in a class of five year olds. That really helped – wrong. I lasted a few months and said this is ridiculous. I couldn’t even balance on one foot.

Bambi and I had something in common.

She enrolled me in figure skating. Bambi – that was me. Down more than up. Bumps on my knees all the time.

As I grew older, filled out and started to be less wobbly my confidence grew. I tried different sports; volleyball, curling, tennis.

In retirement I have joined a tap dancing class and take zumba classes.

Better – not great – but better. My balance is better; my posture is better; I feel more secure.

But now I have to deal with other issues of aging – knees, arms, shoulders.

Instead I think I am more graceful in my mannerisms to others. I try not to be overbearing, too talkative, and am learning to listen, be patient and have more compassion.

That is the type of graceful Jesus wants us to be – right?




  1. Stacy,
    I am still not “graceful” physically but I am trying hard to show grace as Jesus wants us too. It is not easy.

  2. Janis, I’m so with you–I’m absolutely not graceful in the physical sense, but I’m trying to be more so in the emotional one! Thanks for sharing.

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