How Can There Be Light? – Sermon

Let There Be Light – Sermon

given by guest, Noreen Ueberer

All Sorts of People

Noreen showed us people – all sorts of people from all parts of the world; all sorts of people – poor, rich, able-bodied, physically challenged; everyone and everybody.

Then she discussed God’s two commandments – to love God, and to love others.

She said is was simple – just do it.

But then she asked – how can we love everyone?

Noreen gave a few ways:

      • as we open up our churches to new technology we can transmit our services to shut-ins
      • we can transmit our funeral services for those who cannot attend
      • instead of condemning people we can talk instead
      • ministry to those in prison [I know of a wonderful ministry by Nikki Rosen – who is raising funds to give her book “In the Eye of Deception” to women inmates”]
      • help other countries [our church makes mats for Haiti; we collect milk bags for the project]
      • stop demanding things for ourselves and instead thank God and be blessed

She said it is not difficult to love if we choose to do so. But in order to love others we also have to love ourselves. Jesus said, “love your neighbour as yourself”.

She gave us a challenge:

Ask God to help you love a person who is unlovable. God loves us just the way we are. This certainly is the same theme as my new children’s book, Tadeo Turtle.

Here is the opening song at the Paralympics in London –  “I Am What I Am”.



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