Blessed in Prayer

by Judith Lawrence

His Presence – Peace

“In prayer, thought returns to its origin in the infinite. Attuned to its origin, thought reaches below its own netting. In this way prayer liberates thought from the small rooms where fear and need confine it. …

The Divine remains the one space where thought can become free. There we will be liberated from the repetitive echoes of our own smallness and blindness.

Prayer sets our feet at large in the pastures of promise. When you pray, the submerged eternal melody in your heart rises from the silence to infuse with blessing your life and your friendships in the seen and in the unseen world.” Eternal Echoes John O’Donohue, Page 202/203

When we pray, we enter into the presence of God; into the place of our origin; into the space of our creation. Here we need have no fears for ourselves, for our loved ones, or for the world because here we are in the presence of God’s love and perfect love casts out all fears.

When we pray, we are given rest in green meadows and are led beside peaceful streams. In prayer we are given assurance of God’s promise that no matter what our concerns and repeated worries, God is ever present with us, in our lives, and the lives of others. God blesses us, enlarges us, and frees us from our anxieties that would keep us fettered and tethered to our darkness and blindness.

Praying through all things, we are lifted into the light and freedom of our loving Creator; we are surrounded by the eternal melody of God’s peace, joy, love, and harmony; we are borne aloft, totally united with God in the seen and unseen world.

Judith Lawrence

Judith Lawrence lives in Muskoka, Ontario, a land of lakes, forests, and wildlife. She began to write seriously when she was in her fifties and has written three non-fiction spiritual books. Judith has also written a book of mystical poetry and one of short stories; she writes a weekly blog about contemplation and records a podcast meditationmonthly.



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