Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Today I have the pleasure of guest posting over at Angelview Inspirations. Here is part of my post.


It sounds like perseverance will not get finished with me until I am fully mature;…To me this means that perseverance is a process of life.

God is working on me every minute of the day.
I may not notice it but I know He is. (tweetable)

You can read the rest of my post about perseverance on Angelview Inspirations.


2 thoughts on “Guest Posting

  1. Sharon

    Janis, I really liked your thoughts about perseverance. You know, most of the time when I hear that word, I think of trudging along in spite of circumstances – mostly with an exhausted spirit, and a disgruntled attitude. However, I think you’re right. Perseverance is a process. And rather than a destructive windstorm that serves only to erode us, it’s more like a chisel in the hand of a master sculptor. God uses our perseverance to work on our character. And so, the longer we persevere, the more we’ll look like Him. That IS a lifelong process, but worth it for the joy that awaits.



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