How Can Going on a Mission Trip Change You?

How Can Going on a Mission Trip Change You?

Beautiful friends in Poland

In 2007 I read an email from Grace Fox about a mission trip to Poland – an evangelical camp to teach English. I had met Grace at The Word Guild’s Write!Canada conference and felt comfortable travelling with her.

I thought I was to go and teach adults, English. God had others plans. A few months before we were to travel to Poland, Gene Fox, the president of IM called and asked me to consider working with the children instead of the adults.

I am a retired public school teacher so that didn’t bother me. However, I felt confused and had to pray about it before I said, yes. And I did say yes. And have gone on 3 other mission trips since (once teaching the adults).

Last week I posted my thoughts from 2010 about my time on a mission to Poland.

I believe I learned 4 important things during my time in Poland:

1. Always trust in God. There were many times we thought something would be impossible – but God showed us that was not the case.

2. Pray with your team, especially when you feel threatened or angry. God can smooth the waters through prayer.

3. Watch what God does around you – and go where He is working. I had to learn not to fret about myself and my feelings but look at all the miraculous ways He works in others.

4. Don’t worry about sleep – you might not get your quota for the days at camp. But God knows how much you need and He will see that you have time and strength to continue to do His will.

4 Ways a Mission trip Changed my LIfe

I learned much more than that but those were the important things that I feel changed me in my time there. These have carried over into my life back in North America.

Have you been on a mission before? What did you learn?

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