How Can I find a Moment with God?

How Can I find a Moment with God?


I hear so much about people who feel they have no time for themselves – so how can they find time with God?

I have found two personal times where no one can interrupt me:

      • the bathroom
      • the bathtub

That may sound silly but those are private quiet times.

I have joined a Facebook Event called 1 Minute Prayer Plan. See UTCOP’s post from Monday to read the whole story or visit the Facebook Event.

Think of the washroom breaks as prayer times. Crazy – maybe. Practical – yes. Doable – yes.

And soaking in a hot tub. While the hot water gently relaxes your body, focus your mind on Jesus. He will relax your soul and your spirit.

Let the light of My Presence soak into you, as you focus your thoughts on Me (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young).

As Jesus told Martha in Luke 10:39-42:

Mary has chosen what is better.

With those few minutes taken to seek His face, the rest of your time will be stronger and more peaceful.

Focus your thoughts on Jesus and He will be your strength and your peace.

Think of other moments of the day when you can have a moment with God.

Here are some of my ideas:

      • cleaning the stove top
      • vacuuming and dusting
      • doing the dishes
      • in the car – especially stop lights and railway crossings
      • grocery lineup (don’t fume about wait times, pray them – pray for those around you)
      • daily walk
      • brushing your teeth
      • drying your hair

Look for all the personal moments of the day where you and Jesus can have a Facetime, a Google Connect, an email, a text message or a phone call.

I would love to hear your other ideas of moments with God.

Then stop and thank Jesus for always being with you 24-7.


Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being our 24-7 Connector to God. We will endeavour to find moments to connect with You more. Remind us to use those “free” moments to talk with You. In the Name of Jesus. AMEN.

The Bottom Line: Take Time with God


Focus your thoughts on Jesus and He will be your strength and your peace. (click to tweet)

Look for all the personal moments of the day where you and Jesus can meet.



  1. I love this Jan. No big fancy allotted time to come to God. we can come to Him any time, any where, any how.
    As a mother with small children, I get quiet times in the morning when I am in the kitchen making breakfast and at night when the kids have gone to bed and at nap time (as long as I wake up before one or both of them do. Yes I take a nap!) Sadly I have no privacy in the bathroom if not that would probably be one 🙂

  2. Great suggestions here. Sometimes, we look for big chunks of time and fail to see the small moments in our day when we can meet with God and share.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  3. Amen. No special place or time is necessary to speak to the Lord. It is we who have forgotten that which is omnipotent, omnipresent, is beyond any limitations we may deem hindrances, obstacles. And it is we who easily led to believe that One Who laid in a manger in a barn when He was born, walked among His brethren as one, would require anything but a willing heart to come before His throne. Yes, He is our best friend.

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes anytime, anyplace we can talk to God through Jesus. Thanking Him again and again for doing this for us.

I love to connect with you.

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