A Great Review for Tadeo Turtle

A Great Review for Tadeo Turtle

by Janis Van Keuren (@HeartFulMoments)

Here is a portion of her review. Please read the rest at Heart-filled Moments. Thank you very much Janis from your new friend Janis. 

Tadeo Turtle - Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox
Tadeo Turtle – Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox

Vibrant. Creative. Artistic. Hospitable. Friendly. A passionate lover of Jesus and prayer. All describe Author Janis Cox. We had met online through Janis’ popular blog, “Sunday Stillness,” but when the opportunity presented itself to meet at a writer’s conference in Phoenix, we both jumped at the chance. And how could I pass up meeting someone who spells her name the same unusual way that my Mom decided to spell my name?

In addition, Janis offered for me to stay the night at her home even though I was a perfect stranger. She was sparing me a grueling two-hour drive home and back again the next morning. I gratefully accepted. Canadian born, Janis and her husband Wayne winter in Arizona. “Snowbirds.” That’s what us folks who live here through the sweltering summers like to call our winter visitors. We really envy them.

Janis’ book, “Tadeo Turtle,” is about an animal who enjoys his life until he discovers that one of his friends has adventures impossible for Tadeo to experience because of the way he was made. Like most of us humans, Tadeo begins examining what the possibilities of life would be like if he could just change. And isn’t that what most of us are thinking about with the start of a New Year. We look within ourselves, finding flaws, and then determining how we can change to improve ourselves.

To get your copy of Tadeo Turtle follow the PayPal icon; you can purchase with PayPal or by credit card. A free gift of an ebook and a watercolour batik card with this offer.



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 A Little Bit about Janis

Janis Van Keuren

I am follower of Christ and a freelance writer with a heart to encourage and inspire other Christian women. I am married to Hubby–crazy, loving, and easy-going. We have two zany, sports-loving sons who are young men forging their futures in this world. They think their Mom’s latest adventure is quite amusing but they are always beside me to help me through the “techy” stuff..

 I have dappled in various careers from writing to teaching to banking. But the one that has attracted me the most is writing. With a degree in Journalism, I had worked several years as a writer and editor for major company publications. Then I heard the Lord’s call to come home and be a full-time Wife and Mother.

My blog is designed to encourage and inspire other Christian women with experiences from my personal life and Scripture verses that correlate. I enjoy writing from my heart about the ways I have experienced the lord’s presence in my life, hoping to help others find Him right by their side as well. Sprinkled throughout my blog are anecdotes, family stories, amusing moments with our dog, Chip, and relational issues to name just a few. Blogging helps me to network with other Christian women and share our experiences, our goals, our visions. As a writer, I hope to inspire other Christian women on this earthly journey with the Lord.



  1. Hi Janis, Just had to comment on that lovely warm review of your book. Congratulations.
    god bless and may many purchase Tadeo. Are there going to be any more books about this little turtle?

    1. Mary,
      Thanks for commenting. I have another Tadeo in the works. Just need time to paint the pictures. And another book not on the Tadeo theme.
      And didn’t Janis give a lovely review. Yahoo.

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