A Great Review for Tadeo Turtle

A Great Review for Tadeo Turtle by Janis Van Keuren (@HeartFulMoments) Here is a portion of her review. Please read the rest at Heart-filled Moments. Thank you very much Janis from your new friend Janis.  Vibrant. Creative. Artistic. Hospitable. Friendly. A passionate lover of Jesus and prayer. All describe Author Janis Cox. We had met online… Continue reading A Great Review for Tadeo Turtle


A Vision by Ramona Furst “How do you do it?” asked my darling civil engineering husband. “Get that pattern from the paper onto those tiny squares in the material? You haven’t been cross stitching for, well, twenty-five years or so. Pretty ambitious Amish pattern to use after such a long time away from it. How… Continue reading A VISION