Just Love Them

Continuing my experiences of my mission trip to Poland with International Messengers:

“Just love them.” That was the statement that was drilled into our heads before, during and after our mission trip.

“This is my command: Love each other.”  John 15:17

This statement stuck in my head. Isn’t it something that we should be doing all the time, with everyone?

Our ministry, whether here or in another country, is to love God’s people.

So how can we love all of God’s people? With open hearts, eyes and ears? And pray for them. I think that a huge part of loving them is praying for them.

Each morning at camp the team met for one hour to pray, sing and discuss the day ahead. Being together this way – making eye contact and showing how much we care for one another and the campers was a wonderful way to start each day.

On our last day at camp our prayer time was especially sacred. Many at camp had contracted a virus called Rotovirus. This particular morning, we prayed first –  as our team leaders, Gene and Grace, were both sick with the flu along with a number of other team members. We sang worship songs, prayed, sang and prayed. It was a blessed experience. When we were finished praying, our discussion and tasks of the day went smoothly.

Through it all we smiled and kept showing God’s love. Ewa, the camp director’s wife and his right arm, turned into an on-call nurse as she lovingly went around to all who were sick giving a natural medicine to help us.

My children's team partner, Peggy

My team partner, Peggy, fell sick later that morning. And later that day, I too, succumbed. But, all the Bible study and English  classes were covered, and the children’s program continued. God blessed us and the campers. Even though I did not feel well enough to eat at the banquet dinner, I felt strong enough to lead the children in their singing program and be there when we gave out their gifts. After a good night’s rest everyone of the team was well enough to travel to Gorzow the next day. Praise the Lord.

The Banquet Dinner I missed.

Our prayers continue here at home. We pray that the campers persist in their relationship with Jesus or if they are searching – that they will carry on their search, wanting to seek, ask and learn. God is for ALL their life, not just at camp. So we continue to lift them to the Lord. We continue to love them from afar.




Lord, we know You want us to love all peoples. Help us to lift our friends, families, neighbours and the peoples of the world to You. Let Your Holy Spirit guide us in knowing who and how to pray. Watch over our mission team’s new friends in Poland. Protect them, guide them and help them to love each other. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.