Why I Like Quotes

Why I like quotes

I find myself liking quotes more and more. When they really hit me I like jotting them down and looking at them throughout the day. I like quotes. Christian quotes make me think.

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I read from a devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, most mornings. Oswald Chambers always makes me think.

Here are some recent ones:

God works where He sends us to wait.

He [God] never tires of bringing us to the one point until we learn the lesson because He is producing the finished product.

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Do we live with God, or set Him aside?

Is the Son of God praying in me or am I dictating to Him?

Then we have AW Tozer – who makes such deep statements. These are from a chapter called The Self-Sufficient God in The Knowledge of the Holy.

[God] needs no one but when faith is present He works through anyone. (click to tweet)

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God cannot be elevated. Nothing is above Him, nothing beyond Him.

What are your thoughts about quotes other than from the Bible? Do they make you think? Why or why not? (click to tweet)


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  1. Those are some powerful quotes! I think quotes are great. My only reservation is when I, too often, see Christians posting quotes from questionable sources, people of other religions, etc.

  2. Janis, like you, I LOVE quotes. I am using My Utmost For His Highest as my daily devotional this year again & share a quote from him each Sunday. He makes me think more deeply on the Scriptures I read each day. Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. I love these quotes and I love the authors. I have read much of Tozer and some of Chambers and Spurgeon and other ones from years ago. Thanks for the encouragment for this day!

  4. I always appreciate the quotes you share!
    And did you know (speaking of Tozer), that Moody is putting out a collection of his writing as a 28-day Advent devotional? Very exciting!

    1. Michele,
      I haven’t really studied anything of Moody. I will put it on my list to check out. I find the quotes focus me on one thought and I remember better.

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