The Christian Olympics

The Christian Olympics

I would like to introduce to you a fellow author from the John 316 Marketing Group. Her name is S.E. Gregg. You can read more about her below in her interview and in her bio. Today she is offering a free audible book, The Christian Olympics, and is also requesting reviews.

Recently her book was produced into an audio book and she is offering review copies. Please email me at Janis if you are interested in reviewing her book.

The audio book is $14.95. but you can go to this link and find out how to get it for free through

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Christian Olympics

1.Tell me a little bit about your church background. How did you come to faith in Jesus?

As far as I can remember I went to church all of my life. Everyone went to church, that was what we did on Sunday. I sang on the choir, was an usher and participated in the church’s youth group. I even joined the Bible club at school. But while I was involved with church activity, the Holy Spirit (Who I did not know at the time) began to draw me to Him and show me in so many ways that I was a sinner. Even though I heard about Jesus Christ dying on the cross, I did not know that I had to accept His sacrifice for my sins personally to go to heaven. The Holy Spirit continued to work on my heart until one day it became crystal clear to me that I was a sinner and it was time to do something about it and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  

 2. When did your interest in writing start? Can you look back and see God working through and with you in your desire to write. If so, explain your thoughts.

I began writing and speaking when I entered the “National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc., Essay Contest”. I felt compelled to share with the world “What Jesus Means To Me” the required topic of the essay.

And during college, I was given an assignment from an English professor, at the Pennsylvania State University, to keep a journal about personal thoughts. I wrote about my relationship with Jesus Christ.And even though this was a secular university, the speeches that I wrote and delivered for my speech classes were from a Biblical viewpoint. I continued to develop  my writing and speaking skills.And before graduating from the Bethlehem School of the Bible and Missionary Training Institute, I wrote an essay from the topic “The Greatest Act” ”that He gave” (St. John 3:16), to address the Conference of Christian Education during their general sessions.

3. What is the best thing you have written? Describe it. Tell me why you think it is the best. (so far) 

I think that the best thing that I have written so far is a book called, The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns, the unveiling of the Bible’s comparison of the Christian race/life to the Olympics Games. 

In this book I explain how Paul wrote to a Hellenistic culture—one steeped in Greek philosophy, culture, and athletics—and so for the Christians of his day, marathon foot races run by Greek Olympians provided the perfect metaphor for the endurance, longevity, and persistence needed to finish the race of faith. I believe this is my best work because the Holy Spirit inspired me  and revealed to me how to take the metaphors in scripture and unveil them so that Christians can actually  imagine and visualize themselves in a spiritual athletic competition. Because God knew that when we see ourselves as players in an Olympic game, it gives us a new understanding and exhilaration for the Christian life. Helping us to endure our trials and tribulations as spiritual athletes. And this has never been done before in a Christian living book.  

4. How and when do you spend time with God? Do you have a favourite devotional? What version of Bible do you use the most?

I spend time with God every morning through prayer and reading Bible verses. I try to find a Bible verse or verses in the morning before I go about my daily routine so that I can meditate on them throughout the day. All of my Christian life I have read and studied scripture using the King James Version of the Bible. 

I have used it for so many years that I have become accustomed to the language. Prayer is my only communication with God, to Whom I have a personal relationship with, through Jesus Christ. And when I talk to Him in prayer He talks back to me through His Word.

I enjoy our time together so much that it makes my day.

5. What new project/s are you working on? Why do they seem important to you? Are you compelled to write or do you need to find inspiration? How do you deal with interruptions?

I would like to work on having The Christian Olympics translated into different languages. I believe this is important because there are many Christians all over the world that speak various languages. And they need help in learning how  to endure their trials and tribulations as spiritual athletes. I feel that I am a spiritual writer that is compelled to write the messages that God gives me. Every book that I have written was birth to fill the need of the Christian community.

To avoid interruptions, I set a time during the day or night when I will not answer the phone,door bell or emails. And I turn the radio and television off, find a quiet space so that I can just concentrate on writing or typing.  


Christian Olympics

S. E. Gregg, a spiritual marathon runner in the Christian Olympics for several decades, is an award winning, best- selling author and founder of Sound Doctrine Christian Ministries. Gregg runs on her spiritual race tract using the spiritual gifts of: preaching, teaching, evangelism, exhortation and administration.

As a gifted Bible teacher and writer, Gregg has been a Bible curriculum writer for publications such as the Precepts For Living® Commentary. During her spiritual marathon, she has become the author of the bestselling books: Evangelism Counseling-How To Counsel People About Salvation and The Christian Olympics-Going For The Gold Crowns.

As a spiritual athlete,Gregg has been interviewed on many radio stations and blogtalk radio. Exercising her faith ,Gregg has written content for online magazines and has been featured in several newspapers including the Philadelphia Daily News. She is now a contributing writer for the Huffington Post. While on her way to the Finish Line, S.E.Gregg continues to write from a spiritual perspective and does her spiritual exercises from her home in the Philadelphia,PA area. 

You can reach her through the following:




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  1. God Bless you Janis Cox for doing what the Lord has laid on your heart.Thank you for the interview.In case you did not know,the narrator for The Christian Olympics is Robert J. Shaw.Who is the co-host of the Family Friendly Morning Show, KFSH-95.9 FM,The FISH in Los Angeles CA.

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