Friday’s topic from Gypsy Mama is entitled Loss. And for the moment I am at a loss of what to talk about.

For Simply Saturday I only give myself 5 minutes to write.

So here goes.

When I think of loss my mind immediately returns to the loss of my Father in 1993. As a first-born child my Father meant the world to me. I feared losing him all my life up to that point. When it happened, even though I felt empty at his passing, the fear of losing him all those years had been worse. My faith did not become strong until 2000 but his death started me on the pathway to my faith.

In the church service as we were singing the hymns and I stood with my family, I felt a wonderful joy and a big hug. Strange though it was – that was the beginning of firming up my faith and my decision to put my whole trust and life in Jesus.

The loss of my Father brought a gain to my life. Through his death I was led to find a solid footing with my Heavenly Father. I know when we meet in heaven we will have lots to talk about.

Time’s up.

Your turn: What can you write about for the topic “loss”? Write in the comment section or post something on a blog. You can link back here or link to Gypsy Mama.


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