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Does Money Control You?

This is a very important question – Does money control you? Or do you control money? Where are you in the “love of money” question?

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Do you come to the end of the month and wonder where the money went? Are you in debt? Do you feel stressed about money?

God doesn’t say money is evil. Actually it is amoral. It has no feelings and isn’t able to “do” anything by itself. God does say,

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs (1 Timothy 6:10, NIV).

Notice it is the “love of money” that can bring evil.

My hubby and I have taken the Dave Ramsey course a few times and watched the videos. If you are near a church sponsoring this course I would suggest you look into it. We can’t get it in Canada, so we are preparing our own course based on what we learned. We are calling it a Money Management Course with the slogan, Do you control your money or does money control you?

For those who live locally in the Haliburton Highlands we are offering it on Thursday nights at the Lighthouse Pentecostal church from 7-9pm, starting September 8. For the others I would ask you to pray for us for these 10 weeks, that God may send those who would benefit from this learning, that our words would speak His thoughts, and we would all benefit from the discussions. If you want to find out more and live in the Highlands or surrounding area, email me at Janis.

Time for today’s linkup. This is Word of God Speak. Please join us in posting or reading wonderful words of what God is doing in our lives. Let’s build each other up.



  1. Learning to live debt free and within a budget is so wonderful! God bless you as you inspire others to live in freedom!

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