I have been overwhelmed with the things I want to do. There are so many possibilities and I know I can’t do them all.

One of the ways I have been working through this, is to pray for God to give me wisdom and clarity to know what to put in my “inbox”.

I recently had the privilege to read a new book prior to its release called A Life Plan by Michael Hyatt.

When I worked through the exercises it helped me to focus on this huge “inbox” of my daily life.

Being retired one would think that I would have an abundance of time to spend on lots of activities. Yes that is true but the problem is – there are so many tempting notions that we sometimes end up doing nothing worthy of God.

More accurately retirement could be called realignment. After finishing a career of 40-50 hours or more a week, one would assume that would give me that much time to do all those things I feel called upon to do.  It doesn’t seem to work out that way. Why?

Do we need a plan? I do. I hope to find a better way, to use this time as God wants me to. Come along with me while we work this out together.



  1. Jan,

    What an excellent post. I will check out Michael’s book. Recently I have been rising early and not allowing myself to get sidetracked before doing my Bible study and praying. You stopped watching TV. Well done. I’m smiling, because I’m working on that and have enjoyed some evenings reading and writing instead.

    1. Thank you Mary. I watch even less TV back in Canada. Down here I watch the National through the Internet and we watch movies. Most of what we choose are documentaries which fill in gaps in the media reporting. Somewhere in between is the truth. Someone told me that they don’t watch the news because it is too depressing – I suggested prayer. She decided to try that. Maybe that will be another post. I find regular TV such a time waster and we know that Satan loves us to waste our time.

  2. Great blog Jan! I too downloaded Michael Hyatt’s e-book. Isn’t it a great resource (although I’ve just read it as of now, not done the exercises yet)? It looks like you’re as busy in retirement as everyone else. Bless you as you find your way.

  3. My Bible study group is working through Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart and one of the sections is on pruning. (I don’t remember how we got there from the Tabernacle, but it made sense at the time!). She talks about pruning “sucker shoots” that drain the energy from the plant’s fruit/flower-bearing branches, and asks what “sucker shoots” God might want to prune out of our schedules.

    I’d always thought of the pruning as removing poor attitudes and behaviours, and I’m sure that’s part of it. But this removing of even good things that are taking our time and energy away from where God wants to bless it… that’s a freeing thought.

    Dare I say I’m excited to see what might get trimmed off, and what it might look like to have energy and time focused where He wants to use it?

    1. Janet,
      Oh yes – I know it is stuff today that gets in the way of what He can do in us for His glory. I stopped TV awhile ago – a great way to get extra time. Now I have time I have to use it well – and yes I need to listen to His voice, before plunging in.

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